Plymouth 29 Commando Regiment RA Homecoming Parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Plymouth's 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery were given a rapturous welcome home in the city centre. Credits to the Plymouth Herald and ""

    For anyone who watched this Parade in Guzz this Friday, (or took part!!) there are photos and slides on thisisplymouth/Herald pages. Apologies if this has been done already.

    Welcome back guys.

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  2. Great to see there is still Pride & Patriotism Burning brightly in at least one of our larger Cities... 8)

    I could be biased though... :wink:
  3. Fantastic stuff it is too. Plymothians know how to party, or turn out in force, and even show respect and support to their Service men and women. And not a single placard in sight. :D Makes you chuffed to be in the Southwest, well sometimes anyway.
  4. Plymothians? Is that what they're called, or have I just bitten big-time? :D

    Anyway, I fully agree. I fückin' love it when the lads get the welcome they truly deserve. Let's have loads more of 'em!

    It's just marvellous to see that the UK public are finally beginning to appreciate their incredible efforts and stupendous bravery and professionalism. Well done all them geezers!

  5. Plymothians. No bull. :wink: Honest.

    Considering the City's had a good social kicking in recent years and history is being trashed for all to see, they are still around. There are Plymothians of note, too.