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Plus Model 1 35 Morris Commercial Light Breakdown CDSW

The Morris CDSW 30-CWT (1.5 ton) is a 6x4 truck with a 6 cylinder 'O' series engine and a 4 ton winch. It was used for both breakdown and as a Bofors gun tractor. The Morris-owned Wolseley plant began production of the truck in 1939 and continued until 1942 producing about 6,000 units. An additional Austin-owned plant produced the vehicle from 1940-1944 and made 6686 of them. A number of these vehicles were also captured by the Germans in the early war period and put to work. There are only a few of these trucks still in one piece today and a prime example is part of the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) museum in Arborfield, near Reading, Berkshire, UK.

This kit includes 170 resin parts, a photoetched detail sheet, and a decal sheet which doesn't identify the unit the vehicle is depicted as serving with. The resin is a light grey and hard in consistency. The kit is packaged in 8 separate baggies. It comes very well packed and protected for shipping any distance. The detail on some areas is truly amazing. There is little if any flash and very few mould lines. I haven't found any sink holes on the kit either. If you have never worked with resin parts before this kit would challenge a beginner. Almost all the pieces must be separated from the connected mould pieces and washed in a mild detergent solution.This can be a time consuming and delicate job, but since many resin kits are of rare and seldom seen subjects, you are rewarded at the end of the project with having something special.

I am in no way an expert on the Morris CDSW and have only perused what information is readily available on the Web, however I could find period photos of 30-CWT models that had subtle differences with some areas on this model. Since over 12,000 of these 6x4 trucks were produced during the war, and only a handful survive, there is obviously the chance that whatever resource vehicle Plus Model used for this project may have actually been different than the photo resources I have at hand. The main discrepancy I noted was the headlight mountings which on the kit are a vertically mounted set, vs. the photos show a frontal mounting or even a separation of the cross bar that goes from fender to fender. Additionally the drivers side foot step for the rear seating area is wider in at least one photo than on the kit.

The instructions are in English and Czech. 8 pages in length, they cover some brief history of the CDSW, 25 steps of the building process, with a single reference to the paint pattern! The decals enclosed are suitable for the interior and POW cans, but there are no arm of service markings or formation signs. Overall the line drawings depicting the steps seem ambiguous and lacking in detail. There is little written language to the steps, which means that a good period of research is required before attempting this kit.

This is a wonderful kit of a workhorse of WW2, seldom seen or heard of today. Plus Model's kit fully does it justice but there is room for improvement. Colour schemes could be included as could more decals. Certainly Arm of Service and Formation Signs! No driver figure, nothing unusual in that, but why? Finally, Plus Model all of your business competitors produce CAD type instructions with numbered parts. Your instructions seem to be stuck in the 1950's. This kit cries out for a diorama, but would work well as a stand alone model.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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