plumbing and gas fitting courses

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by chickenlips, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone out there atended or completed a plumbing course from one of the resettlement magazines, such as Quest. I have a year left and I want to finding out if they are any good and can get you in to the trade
  2. Go for Corgi registered plumber, more money
  3. Resettlement course in Bury St Edmunds - Basic Sanitation and Bathroom design, can't remember the exact name of the course but it was a waste of money, very basic stuff repeated again and again.

    The plumbing industry is a tad on the crap side at the moment, government opened up loads of courses a few years back, now it can be quite hard for a newly 'qualified' plumber to get a foot in the door.

  4. I approached two firms GasTec and Met-UK with a view to doing Gas Fitter training. I paid a visit to the former and whilst it all looked clean/polished etc I didnt get an overall warm fuzzy feeling feeling about the place.

    I emailed Met-UK and they answered the first email but ignored my next three! When they eventually responded, they put me in touch with a local ex-squaddie who had been on the course with them and had nothing but bad stories such as poor training, bad placements, inconsistent equipment to train on etc etc.

    I am really keen on doing a Gas Fitter course, but tracking a decent one down is proving very difficult. Has anyone got any advice or god forbid good stories about any training companies?
  5. I've just attended and finished the city and guilds 6129 tech cert in plumbing at MET-UK in Rotherham. This is the entry level course you need for going into that side of things(water,not gas) I enjoyed the course at MET...and i only found a few things which were crap...leadwork for one....that should be the roofers domain really.... As for the gas HAVE to have a work placement just prior to starting the course...and you have to be on top of your portfolio when you come to hand it in....i've heard a few things from the lads that were there doing the gas side.
    The best advice would be to get some letters written to local companies or plumbers and see if they will take you on as a free work placement during your leave or your free resettlement time if you wangle it (i couldn't ) prior to starting the course and during it.... and start doing it at LEAST a year before you finish...i left it til then and found i only just squeezed it in.....................ooerr missus! :p
  6. I just did a couple of weeks at Able Skills in Dartford who advertise in Quest. The woman who runs it is fully aware of the resettlment system and provides accom. Very good company and very accommodating with the stupid resettlement system.

    I did plastering and tiling. Not that I intend to take this as a career but for own house renovation.
  7. So is it worth doing a plumbing course or not? Im in my last year and at this rate it looks like continuance is gonna win (god forbid) Must be honest and say quest and resettlement a bit of a let down for me, especially since the money for courses has been cut down...or the way round claims has been tightened up I should say