Plumber used flame to check gas leak

Another soon to be member of the darwin awards?

A heating engineer and plumber used his cigarette lighter to check for a gas leak, a court was told yesterday.

Tony Adams, 55, was caught on film in a secret surveillance operation by trading standards officers. Jennifer Brown posed as a householder and called on Adams to investigate her "faulty" boiler, which needed a simple fix, Guildford Crown Court was told.

Adams, from Epsom, Surrey, charged £230 to fix the non-existent fault and then used the naked flame to test for leaks. He said he had not realised that working on a gas installation without being registered was a criminal offence. He was fined £2,000 after pleading guilty to making a reckless statement and two offences of breaching health and safety regulations.
No Darwin (no death and the method lacks originality and excellence) but perhaps an Honourable Mention for the Trading Standards sting...

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