Plugs in Iraq

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dml87, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Are Uk plugs used out in Iraq, or do they use US or European, Thank.
  2. Standard 3-pin uk plugs are used on uk bases. The number of sockets you get will depend on your accomodation i.e. the bigger the accomodation the greater the ratio of soldiers to plugs, so bring an extension block (and make sure it has a surge protector). Also be aware that if you buy electrical kit (which is generally very reasonably priced, so don't forget your credit card) from a US PX it will have their socket/plug arrangement on it, so buy a US to UK adaptor as well.
  3. What a strange question!!!!

    Why do you need to know such information?

    If you wish to purchase a plug for your wash kit, for use abroad at play or at work or for when your sink doesn't have a plug, buy yourself a travel plug from a camping shop like millets or blacks.

    I have one from Millets and it fits every thing up to about two inches diameter, not a plug but a sort of lid.

    eMillets don't seem to have one, but you could buy one here.
  4. Also don't forget that US electical kit works on 110v, whereas ours is on 240v. If you plug in a US Stereo into a UK power supply you'll blow it up.
  5. If you are going to be with the Septics in Baghdad, the plugs are still UK variety (Saddam's plug of choice in his palaces) in the HQ and accomodation.
  6. Not always true, read the instruction booklet of any kit you buy or read what it says on the kit.
  7. Thanks I was asking cause Im going to RTMC next Monday, Thanks
  8. OK, I am having a blond moment.

    I have one of these


    You can plug practically every type of plug in to it including shavers, and then plug it in to practically every socket!!! Bit expensive, but brilliant. It doesn't transform power ie US to UK or vice versa but many appliances don't really mind voltage now adays. Find it here.

    Edit to add.
    Beware the extention socket, a single plug socket can only provide 13A, if you plug too much in or daisy chain these things all round the tent/room you're asking for trouble!!!
  9. Power adapter plugs are available through the system. Just ask your expense/G1098 storement to indent for them.
  10. That is identical to the one I have H_T, only it is a bit more expensive, believe it or not!!!, I like the way anything that goes in can come out. Esp as I once had a US plug that needed to go in to a European socket.