Plug Sockets in Paderborn

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lazarus135, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone shed any light on if I'm gonna need to buy afew convertors for existing UK plugs, or if the sockets in Germany are made the same as they are in UK.

  2. Electricity? In Paderborn?
  3. Dont worry about plugs, mate. The Chairmans havent finished rebuilding the power stations since the Allies bombed them, so you will be without power most of the time anyway. Are you an electrician?
  4. You need to buy a bicycle and a dynamo. Pedal really hard and you might have enough power for your radio. Not that there's much to listen to as BFBS is tonk.
  5. You should have tried posting this in the NAAFI mate.
  6. How about googling German power sockets then take your pick from there

    Hope this helps dear chap :wink:
  7. Are electrical sockets and plug sockets the same thing?
  8. No, you get electricity out of 'electrical sockets' but you stick your plug in 'plug sockets'. Simples!
  9. Yeah the same. just want to know if i can take my TV, xbox etc without having to use adaptors.
  10. Yes if you put a German plug on the end of them first :wink:
  11. You are a real globe trotter are't you
  12. If your TV is a Brit one, the chances are it will not work in Germany including Paderborn so you may have saved yourself the price of a German plug - or is that socket?
  13. In some cases you can, it depends if the electricity supplied where you are complies with BS 10045. If not, you have to get a converter from Lidl or Aldi. I should take one with you anyway.
  14. Can’t say it’s a problem that I have come across

    Not this century anyway :wink:
  15. This is the only plug you need:


    Anything else is superfluous to your needs for the first few months of your German Adventure
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.