Pluck before you fcuk!

While Ronald was visiting his old buddy Jim and his wife Paula, a terrible snowstorm hit town, stranding him at the apartment. Since there wasn't a spare bed or even a couch, the couple invited him to share their king size bed.
Shortly after Jim fell asleep, Paula motioned for Ronald to come over. Paula was certainly a fetching creature, and Ronald wanted her-but he was afraid that Jim might wake up.

"Nothing wakes him," Paula tried to ally his fears. "If you don't believe me, pull a hair from his ass. He won't budge."

Though dubious, Ronald did what she suggested and sure enough, Jim didn't stir. Encouraged, he slipped over to Paula's side of the bed and made love to her.

A half hour later she wanted him again: once again pulling a hair from his friend's ass to make sure he was asleep, Ronald made love to her a second time.

They passed the night that way; Ronald yanking a hair from Jim's ass each time he prepared to make love to Paula. However after the sixth time Jim finally opened his eyes.

"Y'know, friend," he complained, "I really don't mind you screwing my wife, but I sure as hell wish you'd stop using my ass as a scoreboard!"

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