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  1. Many books, films, TV series etc. may be based on real-life events (especially war themes) but even there, various subplots may be woven into the history-based narrative.

    And where real-life events are ostensibly absent, it may be shown that they underlie many familiar plotlines.

    Here are a few:

    1. A man and his 'partner' contrive to commit a theft and try to frame somebody else for the crime but they are eventually caught and convicted.

    2. A con-artist with an ulterior motive deceives a gullible young woman into parting with her virtue.

    3. A married couple lose everything in a hasty venture that goes pear-shaped but eventually get back on track, more or less.

    4. The body of a murder victim is concealed to hide the crime and the villain turns out to be a close family relative, who appeals against his conviction.

    5. An older man has multiple affairs, kills a younger man in a fight and tries to justify his actions.

    6. A man falls foul of the law and loses everything but eventually regains power and prosperity after a long struggle.

    7. A man commits murder but escapes capital punishment and eventually becomes a gangland boss/regional warlord/rogue state national leader.

    8. Law and order progressively break down until only a few law-abiding citizens are left, who have to fight for their own survival.

    9. True patriots are seriously at risk when an alien invasion turns the rest of society against them - and X-Rated movie themes become state-sponsored kindergarten fare.

    10. Superheroes turn out to be super villains and an horrific cataclysm overtakes the earth, involving drastic climate change, so that only a few patriots survive by using their ingenuity and state-of-the-art technology (some sinister aliens/monsters also survive, so you can proceed with Cataclysm #2).

    11. (Jumping ahead a bit). A seasoned guerrilla leader successfully ambushes a much larger regular force and rescues a bunch of captives, including members of his own family. (The leader is also an honourable chap, who won't accept any reward from a crooked politician type.)

    12. (To make it an even dozen for now). The famous chase scene. The good guys and their families are pursued by a ruthless tyrant and his mounted/mechanised/air mobile armed forces/posse/gang of desperados, who are intent on enslaving them and there's no way out but a huge 'natural' disaster/controlled demolition/arrival of the relief column overtakes the pursuers just in time and the good guys are saved.

    That's just a few (with overlap). The actual events occurred before 1500 BC (the first 10 before 2000 BC). Examples 1-11 are found in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-14. Example 12 is from Exodus, Chapters 14, 15.

    Stick with the old King James Version. That way, you won't miss any of the directors' cuts that feature in the down-market remakes.

    Apart from specialised text books, you'll actually read most books if you read that Book :D

    P.S. Right at the end of the Book, the good Guy rescues the girl from the villain (again, just in time, of course :) ) and they get it together and live happily ever after :D (kind of like forces dating, again, though hopefully without any villains in that context).