plot runs, find out distance

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, May 13, 2008.

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    THE greatest website in the world for plotting out routes, great for finding yourself a 1.5 mile route
  2. that website is the bollox!
  3. you can even find pre mapped runs,although they tend to be a bit hardcore ;)
  4. google earth is good for route mapping also, it's what i used
  5. Its what I always use

    You can look just via roads or via terrain or both!
  6. Thanks mate this is a lot better than the one I was previously using, I especially like the 'Elevation' feature.
  7. most usefull switching to the satelite view if you live in a rural area with few roads, i can make out most of the footpaths nd canals near me!
  8. Seconded. Would'nt use any other site. :D
  9. Yup...I just discovered it this week and been out running twice since...just to have a go at a route I have plotted! You can also log your training. Good for motivation and progress!
  10. If you're a mac user then I'd recommend 'trailrunner'

    fecking great bit of software for running, specially if you use a gps as well.
  11. Google Earth, measure feature, simple & perfect.