ploppy54 want's info re his granddad in india 1940's

Ploppy, sorry mate, I've managed to bugger up your thread by trying to include photos in my reply.

A picture paints a thousand words, so here's towards the first three thousand...

My dad was also in India, in his case 1944-47. He was with HQ Coy (Mortars) 2 KOYLI. Some went on to Burma (or at least, jungle training for it) while others stayed at Deolali. My dad was one of those who stayed back, thanks to a timely bout of dysentry.

One of the features of Deolali, apart from the famous hospital, was the New Cinema. In my reply to your thread, I'd included a photo of it in case you'd come across a similar photo but didn't know the subject matter.

My dad returned just before independence, having spent some time quelling riots in New Delhi. The ship he returned on was the MV Georgic, a troopship on a regular (three monthly?) run between UK and India. I'd also included a scanned postcard that was bought on board, in case you'd come across a postcard but hadn't appreciated the significance.

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