Plod v Squaddies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fubar66, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. First thing: if the guy who posted this is a copper - he REALLY needs to learn how to spell!

    IF the situation occured as he discribed, then the two guys were knobs. Squaddies or civilians, there is no excuse to act like this.

    One final point: why did it take 45 minutes to deal with them? Whatever happend to "Ask them. Tell them. Nick them."?
  2. "Burgmeister" whoever he may be is the sort of person you would like to put up against a wall and shoot. He would leave as big a hole in the community as my hands do when I take them out of a bucket of water!
  3. Dizeee's a patronising nobber isn't he? Proved he doesn't have a clue the moment he lumped cops and firemen in the same boat with HM Forces. Two p1ssed up squaddies looking for a fight isn't anything new and there's a well established system for dealing with it. They were out of line and will get stepped on for it.

    I bet the lack of clue went some way towards winding them up, though. The whole 'look lads, we're all in the same boat' approach from an overweight, sweaty cop would go down wonders with some lads fresh from the 'Stan.
  4. I tend to agree with smartascarrots. I know a lot of people will feel differently but personally I don't feel any sort of affinity with the police or other emergency services simply because they happen to wear a uniform. Our 'cultures' are completely different.

    That said, the two lads in this case were obviously acting like choppers (as young blokes fresh off tour are wont to do) and deserve a good slapping.
  5. Seem like a load of knobbs on that site..i reckon most of em are walts anyway.

    id like to meet burgmeister in a dark alley though
  6. I'm always dubious of people who say they have been in the 'Mob' - smells of walt
  7. Jumping to a few conclusions there are'nt you mate? Would you have preffered the police to have just turned up and locked these two halfwits away without any preamble?

    Police officers will usualy try to calm things down and let people go on their way, but you're never going to win if you're straight in their faces walting it big style like these two have.

    Whilst I admit there are a few overweight cops about there's plenty of chunky chefs and Q's about too.

    Having been in Afghanistan or Iraq still doesn't excuse them behave like idiots when they come back though. they also forgot that the Police Protect THEM when they're back here, and allow their families to sleep safe at night when they're away.

    Whilst it might appear to you that i'm defending the police over these particular bill Oddies, the officers actions in trying to calm things down seemed reasonable enough to me.

    p.s I agree some of the posts on that site are sh!te
  8. The main conclusion I jumped to was that he was being a patronising tw@t to think that his job was even remotely like the Army's just because both wear a uniform. The two throbbers who kicked off were 1) Bang out of order and just begging to be arrested, 2) Nothing unusual, for all that and 3) Going to face punishment when R'dTU.

    Given that the police are supposedly trained to take cultural differences into account, what's wrong with taking the differences between civvy and squaddie mentality into account and acceepting that you have to start earning respect from the first second of interaction? On Planet Army, you get respect when you deserve it, not just because you and all your mates wear the same clobber.

    As far as the police approach is concerned, when dealing with the squaddies I think they ought to have locked them up straight away they didn't take the telling. We're trained to respond to firm discipline: trying to talk the situation down just doesn't have the same effect as punching the pre-programmed buttons.
  9. Fair reply mate,

    My Bold- My experience is that a lot of coppers, particularly ex mob, will give squaddies a fair bit of leeway taking into account "squaddie culture". Seems to me that these officers were reasonable enough in trying to build some rapport but it was the squaddies who were the ones who began raising the level of aggression, respect works both ways.
  10. I have had the "pleasure" of dealing with quite a few drunk soldiers coming into the police cells for minor offences (usually alcohol induced).

    Normally they can be handled carefully and given a bed for the night with very frequent checks to make sure they are not choking on puke etc. Normally in the morning after a breakfast they are quite apologetic,

    HOWEVER, at other times they DO give the old "you haven't done what I've had to do" routine, which, alas my friends, I have.. I did my 22 years and left the forces and did serve in the places that you mentioned. At this point they either quieten down because I can "out" them as a walt or they kick off which results in a tussle and them getting placed in a cell anyway but with a little less decorum, but still they apologise afterwards.

    The simple saying which I lived to was.....A soldier is like an INSTANT ARRSE HOLE....JUST ADD ALCOHOL AND WIND UP.

    God bless the Police and GOD BLES THE FORCES.

    These days we are all at risk of being slotted by a terrorist, lets try to play nicely with each other.

  11. Most coppers will screw the nut with squaddies if you act reasonable. I was speeding down the M20 at 3 am a few years ago, doing about 85,ph. Out of no where blue lights come into my rear view mirror.

    Copper checks my ID, then after I say sorry officer, he lets me go on my way.

    Bear in mind he could have given me 3 points as a fixed penalty. At the end of the day, were all on the same side.
  12. I don't have any problems with the actions of the Plod in this case. If boys were out of order, the police can deal with them as they see fit. No requirement for special treatment, tolerance for little darling because of their experiences. Once they assaulted the police they absolutely deserved to be arrested. In fact, if they had then accidentally fallen down the stairs or been hurt resisting arrest - fine.

    Where I have a problem is when this chopper then opens up a thread slagging off a "proffesion" (of over 100, 000) based on actions of 2. I think I could find a couple of dodgy coppers if I looked hard enough. Presumably the cases of these two are still being processed - does he think it right to discuss them in a public forum. Some professional
  13. had a (sober (driving)) night out in my home town when a special was trying to nick a drunken guy who'd started a fight. he did a runner, i walked down the street to see the special chasing him, so i managed to drop him and put him into a fig 4 armlock. (thank you to my old OC for teaching me that one).

    special comes up, i id'd myself as forces and everyones happy, then the other officer who's meant to be with the special but had been sitting in the car comes up, cuffs me, properly rough, hauls me into the car and is bleating on about assault, and the special said nothing, just stood there gormlessly for 5 mins whilst this other officer goes on about possible charges

    finally the bar staff ended it when they offered to show the hot shot the cctv footage. didnt even get a sorry or a thankyou for either officer, despite the fact that i caught the guy, restrained him and then spent 10 mins getting fcuked around for my troubles....

    i know some officers who i have a lot of respect for, but when you meet absolute cnuts like that when you're trying to help...really, aaargh.

    still cant beat the fact that as a squaddie you can perform a citizens arrest on somebody committing a crime, but a support officer has to radio for a proper cop.
    so we have more power to arrest than a PCSO. love it.
  14. There was a time you could let of steam while you are still overseas, and get rid of your demons there. Now the way things are they are back in Britain with in six months and this is where they now have to let off steam.
    How many of you that served in combat a few back would go out and get legless in some dive in a country that has changed it name more times than you can remember since you there last there. You played havoc in the bars and brothels and now quietly sit back and smile at some of the things that you did. Back in those days we had a far larger army who do a three year tour, but there were not the number of of people in those days suffering from PTSD. It appears that the Soldier now has very few places where he can let off a bit steam before every one is down on him as being a drunken hooligan, which were all where from time to time.