Plod using dead kids names, sinbin version

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jemadarjo, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Having transgressed in the serious arena of current affairs and been, quite rightly, banished to the cells. I would like to continue the saga down here,
    Seguile contends that the morality of the police using the identity of dead children is unimportant and should not be questioned. I have a tale of morality he may be interested in.
    Having become bored with retirment I did work part time in a Barristers chambers, copying notes and making tea.
    5 ish years ago I was introduced to Arrse by a client, sadly now dead, who showed me a post on Arrse by a serving scottish plod. Here I learned that if you "right Click" on an avitar and select properties you can be taken to the site where the photo came from and sometimes identify the poster. On this occasion photos of Said scottish plod were in abundance on Fliker, as was his plod car and reg number.
    My villan client talked about the damage he could do to Said plods career but upon seeing photos of plods family, decided instead to inform said scottish plod of his error!.
    Morality, some have it and some dont
  2. Very Noble. Your point being?

    I will point out that throughout my 18 years as a copper I lived in the towns that I policed and the shits knew where I lived. I can count the grief that caused me on the fingers of one hand.
  3. Fuck off cunt.
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  4. So ACAB isn't John Thaw, and didn't fake his death to escape the Public and press. Well bugger me!
  5. Subtle, I like your style.
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  6. Just wondering if said Scottish plod is still on arrse and remembers the incident
  7. I'm far younger and better looking than John Thaw. (Well bearing in mind he's been worm food for a good few years that probably is a given - unless he's coming back in a 'Zombie Apocalypse Flying Squad' Series)
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  8. Hi Jarrod passed me a note for you, It blew away but I think I can remember the message.

    "Fuck off cunt."

    Sorry, thats all I can remember.
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  9. No, he got taken out as he'd strange properties in his avatar. The cunt, you cunt.
  10. Oooooooooooooooh hang on, I got Jarrods message mixed up with the note I wrote my wife. The one for you simply said


    Sorry about the mix up.
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  11. I like pasties. God I miss them.

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  12. I made a similar mistake with my wife this morning.
    I meant to say pass the salt bitch, unfortunatley I said 'that bacon and egg butty was very nice darling'
    I'm going to try and get divorced next weekend now.
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  13. If you need a recipe let me know or alternatively check my avatar properties out.
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  14. If you wouldn't mind old chap. The folks are in blighty and there's only so much pot noodle on a plate I can handle.

    Could you PM me said recipe?

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  15. Salt on bacon?