Plod upset Tom Winsor is to become watchdog

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Police anger as Winsor, the lawyer who has never been a police officer, is tipped to become watchdog - Telegraph

    Absolutely delighted and it is about time :)

    The usual scaremongering noise emanating from the police service. We all know what the police and security services do when they want more taxes - scare us. A tactic akin to what the Mafia and protection rackets do - "Pay us or bad things will happen."

    Time for the bloated police and security services to get the axe too :)

    A cheaper and more reliable guarantor of my/my family's safety is Mr. .45, not a copper a couple of blocks away. If houseowners can and did shoot burglars, there'd be a lot less of them infesting our streets than present day Britain.
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  2. 'a couple of blocks away?

    Where is this Policing nirvana in the UK where the local plod is only round the corner?
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  3. 10 Downing St?

    In fairness, when Fred the Shred got his car windows tanned in, the response was so fast you'd have thought Lothian and Borders had a station inside Goodwin's house.:roll:
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  4. A excellent appointment. Someone who has the expectations of the public rather than someone ingrained in the police system.
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  5. By letting the public be armed is always a wise move, yes better protection for house owners who batter the crap out of burglars. But free range on weapons, i think not.

    I think it will be a good appointment, but only time will tell, the first 12 months will be telling.
  6. Well spotted and you're right. I was exercising literary licence in a disingenious way.

    Police accused of fiddling response times - Telegraph

    Show me a crime that takes 15-20 minutes to finish and I will show you some criminals too dumb to not get caught.
  7. Is this what you hacks do when you are not tapping the phones of recently bereaved parents? I hope you get every chance to use your imaginary .45 in your strange reality, from which, I suspect, our planet is not even visible.
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  8. I don't care about how many burglars are on the streets, that is the best place for them. Burglars in my home is what I care about. Indeed, if home-owners regularly shot/killed burglars, more burglars on streets is damn-near guaranteed.

  9. Most of the coppers I know are decent chaps and in it for the right reasons. Some are idle, some crap but that would seem to sum up most jobs and their workers. My mates shift had a minimum manning level of 20 at one time that has now dropped to 6 I think. Certainly got more faith in them for doing the 'right' thing than a lawyer / business man / politician. Might be idealistic claptrap but can't imagine many of those people saying 'I want to make the world a better place and serve the public', perhaps some politicians when they start off.

    Just going on what is here there does seem to be a conflict of interest, there should be a law forbidding 'public servants' to benfit from their post, anti corruption like.

    What would the outrage be from Arrsers if there was a similar post for HM Armed Forces and a civvy was put in that to fill it? Just a thought.
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  10. Or there'd be a lot more armed burglars and as they're the ones who are awake, alert and expecting trouble while you're the one who's just woken up and stumbled onto the landing with a lazy lob on and pillows marks on your face I know who my money would be on in a shoot out.
  11. Why do you assume that because I endorse the use of privacy tools I am a hack? The point of the matter is that hacks made these tools accessible to the "point-and-click" masses to protect them from the busybody governments that rule over us.

    As for the availability of guns in the UK, see a 2008 article:
    Firearms: cheap, easy to get and on a street near you | UK news | The Guardian

    Wake up and smell the coffee. It is you who is in an alternate reality - guns are more available on the UK streets than you think.
  12. You must be joking. The plod I've met in social settings were arrogant, egotistical, dishonest, lazy and thought they were always right.

    I wouldn't let those power tripping megalomaniacs near a Taser let alone a handgun.
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  13. Most criminals are too unmotivated or tight to spend the effort or money on range time, so really it is a question of trained vs. untrained shooter.

    From a policy standpoint, statistically even if 20% of burglars get shot dead in the act, it is a lot better than the present 0%.
  14. They are, it's just the ammunition thats hard to obtain.

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  15. Anyone who calls a firearm a "privacy tool" just has to be a ****!
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