Plod too fat to have suspects in same car-shock!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. *hangs head*

    If professional pride isn't enough of a reason to stay fit, then where's the stick? What's wrong with firing them?
  2. I couldn't agree more, if an officer can't reach the ridiculously easy fitness requirments for a beat officer then they should be given a training programme by a PTI and sufficient time to reach the necessary standard. If they fail again disciplinary action should be taken, continue to fail and it's bye!

    That way they can't say they weren't warned.

    Edited to add.

    There is a hint of sensationalism to this also. It's not good practice to transport more than one prisoner in a car anyway. Most Pandas don't carry stingers, signs, and other heavy kit (most have only a fire extinguisher and 1st aid kit). Most Pandas are 1.8 turbo diesels these days, Not quite the 1.3 or 1.6 petrol models in this particular piece of reportage.
  3. and in addition the fitness standard should be higher....
  4. So where's the 'shock' part of this story then?
  5. What is the bleep test requirement for potential plod? Isn't it somewhere between 7 and 9? Bearing in mind the load carried, I'd say it shouldn't be lower than 10.5 at the least.

    My local force still uses corsas and astras; they save the Volvos for the bypass. Perhaps if they ditched the pick-up truck, the Subaru or the fleet of tricycles (no joke 8O ) they might be able to afford some better all-round cars.
  6. None really. I've a chum who works on the ARVs and has for some 23 years. He is an ex soldier and with a little work manages to pass the firearms fitness test. He regularly tells me of new "young thrusters" who fail the basic fitness test in their probation period and, physically, are in s**t state. Its all about standards I suppose and sadly I don't think plod recruits have many ( unlees of course they are ex military)
  7. 1.7D Astra Estates - The slowest Police Cars (Second only to the cage vans) in the world.

    I can't see this being MUCH of a problem as most forces are adapting our policy of not moving DP's unless they are in a caged vehicle anyway.
  8. Nope, try level 5.4 :oops:

    It's higher or different for specilaist roles.

    My farce uses the Ford Focus TDCI and, in all fairness, it's a good motor. Traffic get all the gucci volvo's, BMW's, and Mondeo ST220's.

    edited to add

    I'm a firm believer that people who are physical fit generaly have higher levels of self confidence which is a useful skill for officers to have. A point missed by the Human Remains people who decide these things.
  9. Two fat loonies I know, with a combined weight of nearly fifty stone, jumped in the back of one of those pedal taxis in the West End and demanded to be taken to the top of Highgate Hill.

    But they are retired I might add.
  10. FFS - if the car's overloaded, just cuff the scumbag to the bumper and drive away. The scumbag can either run like fcuk or be dragged; either way he's coming along for the ride...

    It's not rocket science, gentlemen! :twisted:
  11. Sadly with the gut size of some officers the public would get a better value for money by the bobby being cuffed to the bumper for a run and allowing the buck to drive.
  12. The typical contents of one of our response vehicles at the commencement of a tour of duty:

    1 x Twix wrapper
    1x half full Trident chewing gum packet
    1 x empty lucozade bottle
    1 x discarded resealable baggy half full of skunk (discarded by PIC whilst bobby was diverted eating the aforementioned Twix)
    1x Daily Star (last week's)
    Centre console tray full of black plastic thingys pulled off various parts of the car's interior
    A to Z book left by a forgetful PC on a previous shift, which now sports a minimum of 3 biro sketches of penises written all over the most often used pages
    Log Book (I STILL call it the work ticket!) last filled in when diesel was 2 bob a gallon.

    First Aid kit and extinguisher included? Don't make me laugh......
  13. No doubt all the PCSO'S are "fighting-fit"
  14. Now thats more like it. The first time I ever got into a Police Vehilce (On Duty :D ) it was as above however had the rear view mirror in the passenger footwell and the drivers head rest in the boot. This was linked to the size 9 Reebok Classic foot prints that could be seen EVERYWHERE including the previous drivers cheek.

    P.S Don't forget enough sausage roll crums to make a new sausage roll.