Plod to probe MI5

See that the Police have been tasked to probe MI5 as to wether they colluded in torture.
Nothing wrong with a bit of torture if it gets the required info and saves lives. Oh, silly me, I forgot, he was over there on a false passport to learn about Islam. Hope they threatened him with a rusty butchers knife like his mates do in Iraq.
It will be another ZanuNL PC BS white wash, a waste of time and money, the real person who signed off on that ain't going to put their hands up as it was probably one of the cabinet


Werewolf said:
Plod: "Did you torture any terrorist suspect?"

Spook: "No"

Plod: "Ok, that's settled then..."
You're spot on there, Werewolf. They could save the taxpayers an awful lot of expense, since that'll definitely be the (desired) outcome.

I think a second class ticket to Addis would be cheaper
Werewolf said:
Plod: "Did you torture any terrorist suspect?"

Spook: "No"

Plod: "Ok, that's settled then..."

More like.....
Plod - " Do you, Michael John Howard alias Fredrick Smith, alias Henry Whitting-Jones alias Seamus Francis O' Toole alias, Joseph Campbell alias John Carmichael O' Flatherty, promise to tell the truth, the whole truth blah blah blah....
Spook " Possibly so" :D :D :D


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He he!

Rozzer: "So, spook, did you go to Afghanistan?"

Spook: "Above your pay-grade sunshine, WAY above, ask me another question."

Rozzer: "Okee dokee, did your department authorise torture on suspects abroad?"

Spook: "That would be a secret if we did wouldn't it? Ask me another."

Rozzer: "Were you aware of any dodgy goings on?"

Spook: "Yes, we've got footage of your missus having it off with Cyclops, now fack orf!"

Rozzer: "Okee dokee"
Precisely what evidence is there of the security service being complicit in torture beyond an unreliable terrorist (was he bollocks going to "study Islam" and why would he need a false passport to do that anyway?) and his shark lawyers? If the spooks decide to keep schtum then plod hasn't really got anything to go on, has he?

Besides, if the government allows the rendition and interrogation process to be dragged through the limelight that'll be the end of intelligence sharing from the USA, and they won't be too keen on that.
Can you imagine how 'frightened' MI5 must be? Investigated by a bunch of form filling, wholly politicised gang of 'numb-nuts'. Said 'numb-nuts' carefully briefed to ensure that no Liarbour politician be involved in any shape or form.

Sanity will return to this country one day, but when?

Why is it that MI5 is being 'investigated'? Are there no politicians being 'considered' for 'investigation'?

Does this imply that 'Stalin' Brown acknowledges that there is a part of the 'state' that he does not personally control?


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I can see it now....

Q. "OK Mr (insert name here), you don't have to say anything unless you wish to do so, but it may harm your defence if you fail to answer any question when asked, which you later rely on in court. Do you understand?"

A "Yep"

Q. "Did you do it?"

A. "I cannot answer the question as to do so would contravene the Official Secrets Act 1911, as amended by The Official Secrets Act 1989. Can I refer you to my solicitor?"
HMMMM you all seem sure of that? I personally think that the Mets Directorate of Professional Standards (who are mostly DV'd BTW so would be able to see all the "secret" stuff) with the gloves off would make mince meat out of a bunch of civil servants. Especially when the govt throws them to the wolves. John Stevens seemed to put the wind up Int Corps a few years ago didn't he?

I would remind you that ford open is full of ruperts who thought they were more intelligent than DC Plod.

......In your own little dream world Trotsky ..... carry on........
They may be DV'd but Need to Know..... covers all... [a bit like that catch-all section of the Army Act] ... and Plod will be f@cked off at the high port in one way or another.
exile 1

I think that the investigating officers would have an excellent "need to know" don't you..... ?

its not like similar investigations haven't happened before.

sitting speiling off name rank and number isn't going to help when "it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court"

I think that a charged suspect would be left hoping for PII's to be issued...

All in all, if the will really exists to investigate this, its not an uneven playing field as you may think.

having seen the ashen faces of people coming out of interviews with the big boys DPS when I worked in the same building I can attest it doesn't look like a nice experience.

just my two penneth



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Sadly Trotsky, I feel the the political pressure put upon any investigation team (no matter how highly cleared) will result in the scenario that I posted. Political convenience is always a more potent force than the mere "Law". And like you, I feel that to be wrong.

My sig block will give a fairly clear indication of my profession - and we've been screwed over more than most. Apologies for paraphrasing (badly) the caution.


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Shouldnt take long really, Plod "Now Mr Mohamed if you will just drop your trousers and show us the 300 cuts you claim were made to your todger"
Jihadi "Ahhhh yes about that....they healed really well"
Plod "Really?"
Jihadi "Um yes"
Even we can manage that I hope...
Trotsky said:
I think that a charged suspect would be left hoping for PII's to be issued...

And in the unlikely event that plod get as far as wanting to charge someone, the government will most likely fall over themselves to issue a PII certificate to safeguard the intelligence relationship with the US. And what evidence will this suspect be charged on anyway; are they hoping someone videoed it all on his Nokia and emailed the clip around the office? I can't see the DPS, good as they may be, getting MI5 to break down in tears and confess all.

Some inquiries seem destined to go nowhere; the Saville Inquiry comes to mind; I think this might be of that ilk.
I wonder if, while they are otherwise wasting their time, the police team might ask what MI5 made of Army Physical Training Corps queries re James Shortt in 1982 ?

It is in context "Intelligence nuisances" ...


A lot of bad feeling between the Met and the Service since the latter took over primacy for IRT in the early 90s.

Since then, Special Branch/Garda/RUC were disseminated the square root of fcuk all

Trotsky, I doubt it will be the DPS investigating. They've got their hands full with PCSOs

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