Plod spends less than 6 hours a week on the streets.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. On the news as well. It is a tough old life - writer's cramp and R.S.I prevalent in our Police Farces.

    Another worthless Neu Arbeit promise NOT kept.
  2. I see the key line in that report as:

    “The figures are disclosed as forces have been told they no longer need to provide information about the amount of hours they spend on patrol.”

    So typical Labour response to failure: conceal it.
  3. The policing issue needs to be cut right back to the bone and restarted. The police want to be seen to be doing what the public percieves it pays them to do, yet they are restricted from performing the very basics of their duties and replaced by 'street wardens'. No matter which way we look at it, we will always find a way to blame the police, despite there being an abundance of evidence which suggests that the fault lies with performance figures, excessive documentation, weak career minded police leadership and arseh*le politicians.
  4. Think this is crap. Whilst the paperwork has to be seen to be beleived even I spend more than 6 hours a week on patrol and I am in a job that is mainly office based.

    The reason why ZNL stopped the time on the streets measurements was in order to cut down and form filling. If you were chosen to be measured you had to fill in a form to account for every 15 minutes of your time through a tour of duty... it went on for weeks, was a total nightmare and was always inaccurate.

  5. I'm not suprised the Plod only spend a few hours on our streets....

    It's f*cking dangerous out there, streets aren't safe to walk these days!
  6. I can't speak for Trotsky's face but my experiance is somewhat different than his.

    I must admit I'm surprised it's as much as that. The figures are probably "bumped up" by neighbourhood officers who's role is to walk their patches (though they don't do it all day as even they have paperwork, PACT meetings to organise and similar stuff), traffic, firearms, dog handlers, Support Groups etc etc.

    Repsonse officers, in my farce for example ,fly from call to call and have little time for any proactive patrol work. We have others who's job is to mainly deal with outstanding prsioners and crimes which generate massive amounts of paperwork and time wasted while they wait for solicitors, social services, appropriate adults, CPS appointments etc etc.

    The only group of people who are genuinley pounding the beat are the PCSO's.
  7. Well, if that's the case, it's a good job PCSOs are effective and respected by the public

  8. Harperson would agree, she needed to be kevlar up on a Police walkabout…

  9. We couldn't believe what we experienced yesterday ,The local plod working their socks off as usual .A local Asian shop keeper had a dispute with a local chap who was really fed up with the local shop keeper over charging for goods and giving no receipts .

    God know's what this shop keeper said when he phoned 999 because we had two squad cars full of police arriving to sort the situation out .

    Actually when they arrived there they could not understand what the problem was and no one else to be seen , It really gets up my nose when people complain the plod are not doing their job and people like this shop keeper wasting plod time and resources when they could be sorting the real issues .
  10. Now we're getting closer to the truth.

    Unless I'm on nights, have no paperwork, there are no prisoners in the traps were the arresting officer has gone home then I'm not left alone to do what I joined to do.

    I still like nothing better than throwing on big hat and black coat and ambushing the sh1t heads down alleyways. I reckon 6 hours a week is about right.

    The most important job for me is answering my radio. It sends me to an average of 15-20 jobs a shift. Everyone of those jobs comes with paperwork in varying degrees which will always see me getting off late as it stacks up throughout the day. When I'm not out answering a job I'm completing said paperwork to try and ensure I get off as early as possible once my shift is finished as overtime for paperwork is hard to get authorised and to be blunt, I have my own life. Not to mention the verbal beating I will get from some desk b1tch if its submitted late.

    When I'm not answering jobs or completing paperwork there are any number of day time enquiries that office jockeys from many of the new labour teams can't/won't go and carry out.

    Now we're getting closer to patrolling but first I have to check whether there are any prisoners who need dealing with and processing/interviewing etc as our prisoner processing team was reduced down to one person in order to form other teams. So the bobbies who would be answering your 999 calls may be tied up with that.

    All being well if thats done I'm out the door.... Bugger my radio has just buzzed. :wink:

    Its not all bad. Some days we're lucky and everything fits into place and we just get out but they are rare these days in an age when more people have access to the 999 system than ever before.
  11. So? Where does this lead to?

    I know a lot of Old Bill stand up for themselves here and probably quite correctly. But, aren't you heading to agreeing with those who criticise 'the police'

    I think you sometimes take the criticism of the organisation, criminal incompetant or lazy officers, or lunatic managers as criticism as you as an individual.

    I for one think the police are a waste of time because they are ineffective i.e. as CJ and Seagull posted they have no time to actually do the job that both of them and I expect of a Police Officer. Frightening to think that new ones will never actually get the experience to learn how to be a Police Officer if this is the case.

    On the other hand there might be a few more to go around if someone in management had the b4lls to screen out nuisance calls and/or sent one Officer to see what it was all about instead of ten in a van. It seems a simple arrest takes at least five (one for each limb and one to take notes?).
  12. You raise good/fair points.

    The reason why I can be quite knee jerk when defending my colleagues is because I see how hard a lot of decent people work every day just trying to tread water as far as looking after our patch is concerned. Lads have literally worked to the point of breakdown/stress/PTSD/Heart Attacks/Strokes etc. Yet the actions of some numpty in Dover can be linked to the actions of a Bobby in Newcastle. I sometimes expect a little bit better of the more learned poster not to believe what they read in the red tops.

    However you are right. More and more of us are becoming peshed off with the state of affairs. Thats why when so many are buggering off to Aus/NZ/Canada and feeding back good reports the mass exodus just gets greater and greater. We currently have 3 in the process of leaving and I intend to start the process as soon as its finacially do-able for me personally.
  13. That didn't really happen did it, Chubb. You just made that up.
  14. Surprise,Surprise......................
    We've had far more plods and hours spent in Bardon Road, Barwell these past few days! :?