Plod race 20 miles to dustbin crime.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by slick, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Speechless
    This is what poll tax gets wasted on, I love the gnome offence at the bottom of the page :x
  2. I know it sounds daft, but if a complaint is made then it has to be acted on..
  3. More to the point, if that is all the police have do around there, then crime must be virtually non-existent. Sounds like a good place to move to on retirement, if not before.
  4. Or the other way to look at it is; if the bin on the road was reported to police and they did nothing and a car collided with it and this caused injury to someone in the car or a pedestrian such as a child, then the police would then be blamed for the injury! The old double jeopardy situation, with 20 miles of petrol being the lesser of two evils.
  5. Exactly!
  6. I`ve no problems with that thought, if only it were true, the Police in this country lack a certain consistency and seem to pick and choose which crime they turn up to as in this case

    It is, thats why I moved here :D
  7. I do beleive that the inital call made to the Police did not mention any sort of weapon, however this dose not excuse the fact on the delay. Schools with young shildren such as that should have priorty call out status. Michael Fuller the Chief Cons of Kent is a good cookie and im sure he will get to the route of the complaint.