Plod overtime to be "slashed"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Seems the annual bill to the taxpayer for overtime is circa £400m.
    Given this and the freeze on recruitment and other cuts amongst plod services,how long will it be before people sign up to "" to find their nearest group?
    Police overtime to be slashed - Telegraph
  2. Plod to pound the beat… not enough Officers Sir

    Plod to Police in and around a football match on overtime… Thousands of em Sir.
  3. Semper, the reason for that is they are being paid for by the football clubs to police the event. In another note Durham constabulary are looking at redundancy for ALL CSO'S and civvy staff, but that'll surely mean more admin tasks for warranted officers, meaning even less on the beat.
  4. It seems to me that a number of police forces, when asked to make cuts, are choosing to do so in a way that will generate maximum column inches and create some worry, if not panic, amongst the general population. In Oxfordshire funding has been withdrawn from something called the 'Safer Roads Partnership' and it's been reported that in just over a week the speed cameras in the county will be 'turned off'. The police have not yet confirmed that they will assume responsibility (I shit you not). I always thought this was the job of the police anyway, and who the **** are the 'Safer Roads Partnership'? A shitload of superfluous layers of administration have been created in lots of publicly funded areas which is costing an absolute fortune. Like those 'Traffic Officer' 4x4's on the motorway- Where do they come from? what are they for? And wouldn't they money have been better spent on proper coppers?
  5. I look forward to seeing ordinary policemen driving around in Ford Fiestas or perhaps Smart cars, rather than the big shiny things they currently favour.
  6. Safer Roads Partnerships, Safety Camera Partnerships etc are the people who have always been behind speed cameras; the cameras are not the sole responsibility of the police, although the latter has some presence on the partnership and has to fund it to some extent. The withdrawal of funding to such pointless organisations is a thoroughly good thing.

    The Highways Agency, on the other hand, actually saves the police money by doing all sorts of things the police used to do but which didn't really require a police officer. Their budget has nothing to do with the police and I'm told that overall they're quite good value for money.
  7. They are paid the costs for Policing inside the Clubs ground by the clubs, the costs for all the extra Plod in the surrounding area are paid for by the taxpayer.

    This comment is very telling…

    "…The Committee says it doubts the necessity of deploying up to 150 police officers on top of the hundreds of stewards at an event when there are only an average of 1.2 arrests at a match.…"

    Shame we can't see 150 Officers deployed to the average town centre on a Saturday night to deal with the hundreds of people who do need arresting instead of the half dozen you usually see. Funny that, you'd suspect Police numbers deployed were in some way connected to the amount of overtime they can earn.

    Report: Cost of Policing Football Matches - UK Parliament

    Personally, instead of seeing 150 Police Officers on a nice little earner on a Saturday standing around at a football match, I'd rather see said 150 Officers doing what they are employed to do, patrolling the streets and protecting the public from crime.
  8. Ah yes, the 'Safer Roads Partnerships'…

    I know my local Constabulary don't agree with the things but have been dragged into the them. A number of Traffic Officers have said to me that in their opinion, a pull over and a lecture by an Officer on patrol is many times more effective, not only with the offender, but with the general motoring public who see said Officers pulling up the naughty people. Cameras in their opinion foster resentment and people don't get a chance to be taught the errors of their actions by a stern roadside lecture and quite often, a pull over can uncover other, and often more serious issues.
  9. Indeed. Drink driving and driving like a fecking idiot are both far more dangerous than just exceeding the speed limit, yet a great deal of money gets pushed into enforcing one tiny facet of the law.
  10. you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about police overtime - officers cannot just pick and choose when they work you know. If overtime budgets are slashed it means when a murder occurs or a bomb goes off there will be less officers available to deal. Why should officers work overtime without commensurate pay? Not many other people would. A better way of cutting costs would be to lessen the amount of paperwork an officer has to complete on arrest of a suspect - or civilianize more of the admin tasks. Retired officers returning as civilians to fill the role of custody officer is a step in the right direction. More police on the beat is what most of us want - this should be achievable
  11. I'm sure, in terms of public image, a lot could be achieved if the police desisted from the practice of shaving their heads, hung some of their weapons and comms gear out of sight rather than poncing around like Batman, had a shave in the mornings, possibly even wore an ironed short and polished their boots, and addressed members of the public with more respect.

    Being addressed with ill-concealed scorn by a scruffy, thuggish-looking object in a 'tactical' vest isn't the best start to an interaction with an officer.


  13. The bee in my bonnet as you put it is, why can 150 Officers always be found to stand around at a football match, yet the Police are always saying they don't have the manpower for routine patrolling or to turn out when some mongs are harrassing the old folk in some sheltered housing.

    The Police need to get their heads around that one, it's a constant source of annoyance to many of the general public who ask that same question.
  14. Most other people do, regularly, often without any pay for it, never mind time and a half. For a lot of poor buggers, it's work extra for free or be first in line for redundancy.
  15. Is that so? I'm currently on an OT ban for ever like the rest of MOD, but guess what? I still need to do the extra hours to ensure the job gets done. 13.5hrs this month time in lieu, will I be able to take it? NFC, it's basically 'free' OT to MOD now but it's that or the P45.