Plod overtime payments

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. I've read both articles, in the D.mail and Telegraph, the Telegraph one at least has the advantage of being less strident,more informed and considerably more thoughtful than the Mail's. It is theoretically possible for an off-duty officer to be take an official call and then claim overtime for it but the number of times this actually happens in any given year must be miniscule to be frank. It would almost certainly involve officers with a particular specialty such as Firearms Tactical Advisers, and it would have to mean that a qualified officer was not on duty at the time, a rare occurence and almost by definition a resourcing co*k-up.

    O/T payments are closely monitored and rigourously scrutinised, those in a position to authorise them are called to account for their decisions. There are a few roles in forces throughout England and Wales where O/T is frequent and lavish, but so what? If the job has to be done then someone has to do it.

  2. Shame we don't get paid overtime for working a Friday afternoon. Disgusting!
  3. In my previous role working for the police it was not unusual for me to get a phone call at home asking for advice with regards to my department. I could have in theory claimed for every call. The only time I did was when the phone call led to me having to go into work as I couldn't resolve the problem with a 5 minute phone call. I know that I was/am not alone in not claiming but then again I suppose that wouldn't help the Bash the Old Bill Overtime agenda which this report has set out to achieve. No mention of the first 30 minutes of adhoc O/time being free.
    If someone has a day off cancelled (bearing in mind they are probably a shift officer and days off with the familly are a premium) should they not be compensated?
    Comparing Old Bill to the Forces as has been pointed out many times is not a fair comparison.
  4. The Police have far bigger problems to resolve if they want to restore the Publics confidence! Getting on with the job of preventing crime & apprehending villains without having to look over their shoulders for the "human rights/racial equality/cultural diversity/politically correct mob" would be a useful start followed by a dramatic cut in timewasting red tape!! Treating ALL suspects the same, not allowing race & religion to play any part in their handling of situations!!
    Ooops was that a pig that just flew past my 5th floor window ? :policeflat: :police: :policecap:
  5. Well in 16 years I have never claimed a recall for answering the phone and I don't suppose anyone else I know has done so either. Its nasty spin from people who want to further cut our wages. Try asking for a copy of "Police pay, moving to the end game" under FOIA and see how far you get.

  6. Plod always have the nuclear option; all firearms officers are volunteers and can hand in their tickets at any time. Same applies(standing by to be corrected)for most specialist duties such as CP, Public Order etc.

    If the Gub'mint ever try to really screw Plod over wages, they could find themselves explaining to the media why there are no riot police, armed response etc. And Ministers like Hareperson would not be able to borrow a stab-vest from her CP team the next time she does something dangerous. Like walk down the street in broad daylight. :roll:

    Of course, it's not in Plod's best interest to push that button either. But it's there if they need it. :twisted:
  7. You forgot the phrases - 'in her own constuency' and 'accompanied by three policeman and a camera crew'.

  8. Most officers work a 40-hour-week, depending on shift patterns, with two rest days. If these are to be cancelled for whatever reason they why should they not attract overtime payment?

    Of course, there'd be less overtime if there were more coppers. But money rarely goes where it's needed under this government... :roll:
  9. My bad! Thanks for fixing it! :D
  10. yeah and you also forgot the fact that you can have and frequentley do have your shift changed at the minimum of notice. try arranging any sort of family life when you are constantly changed from a 14.00 - 23.59hrs shift to a 18.00 - 04.00hrs shift with 12 hours notice.... :x , or even have annual leave/rest days cancelled regularly due to operational commitments, How many public or private employees would stand for that one without 'going out on strike'...... :policecap:
  11. Err, the army...?
  12. think we covered that one numb nuts.... :p

    Army/Forces is exactly that and you sign up for it. Having done both and still doing both services I know where I should have stayed and it was in green with me red monkey hat on. :rmp: FFS, i've done over 16 years in civvy bill, been promoted and still only pick up £600 more than a civvy station enquiry officer, whereas if I'd stayed 'in' I would be on a lot more.... granted with a shittier pension... :policecap:
  13. Fair points, YK. But it's also not on to compare Old Bill with "civvie" jobs either, be they public or private.
  14. Why not wolf? apart from the fact that I am not an 'employee' but a holder of the office of constable. The government would have you believe that cops are 'raping' the system where the reality is they are working their fcukin plums off with ever worsening conditions of service and pay. I'm not going to try and explain the Police regulations, suffice to say there is NO other civilian organisation that would put up with the conditions of service the Police have imposed on them, even if we had the power to strike I can guarantee it would never happen....More than can be said for the 'water wasting' fire service who will walk out at the drop of a hat. :D