Plod make 114 arrests.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JimmyNeutron, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just seen on Sky News that 114 folks have been nicked attempting to "target a power station" in Notts!

    Sorry if it has been done, couldn't find it!

    More details to follow....
  2. Anyone slightly uncomfortable with the "knock in the night" police tactics? OK, I'm delighted that a pile of ill informed swampie wannabees have been disrupted from causing a few headline grabbing tactics at one of our many coal fired power stations, but one could be forgiven for being quite uneasy about the same tactics being used on some unwashed folk as they do on some serious terrorists.
  3. Oh God forbid that the police arrest people in the most convenient way possible when there's the highest chance they're all where they should be and aren't likely to resist arrest; especially with so many suspects. Should just let them sabotage the power station rather than risk being seen as Orwellian :roll:
  4. That's going to be a whole lotta paperwork!
  5. Easter Monday? Lot's of overtime!
  6. Doubt it Seagull. Some CPS somewhere will bin it NFA and put his feet back up on his desk until the next Fax arrives :roll: :wink:
  7. I dunno about "Plod".The country seems to be going down the road of "Stasi"
  8. Uncomfortable? Not at all. I feel very comfortable with it, the Police get everyone they want with less fuss, less chance of anyone getting injured/killed and less chance of anyone disposing of any inconvenient evidence.
    The only people I feel anything for are the neighbours of the arrested. I was once woken up by the sound of splintering wood as my parents neighbour was taken in for questioning at some awful time of the morning. I was only just back from a tour so was didn't react well to seeing men in black running around with firearms while kicking in doors etc.
    Turns out he was innocent* he just worked with a bloke who was a major south coast drug dealer and car pooled with him once or twice.

    *innocent until proven guilty and they couldn't prove anything.
  9. No chance. Easter day doesn't start until 0600 in plod land. Therefore, unless the operation was drummed up at less than 15 days notice there won't be any double bubble , or even time and a half,on this one.

    Our bosses are good at one thing......saving money. Oh, and making t!ts of themselves. ( I know that's two things, three if you include not owning up to their mistakes).
  10. Or bail them all in order to sort out a witness statement from the sheep in the next field from the power station, and to check if there's any CCTV in the farms nearby. :lol: :wink:
  11. surprise surprise... all 114 have been released without charge and bailed not to go near power stations for 3 months :roll: (judge and jury in one sweep? police not bothering with the courts now?)

    Nothing to do with stopping a legal protest because the police just didnt want people to express their democratic viewpoint then :roll:
  12. The United Kingdom is doing rather well in the International Totalitarian Olympics at the moment.

    We have indefinite detention without being found guilty of any offence on the basis of 'reasonable suspicion'. We have secret trials from which the accused is excluded, without being allowed to see the evidence against him, without being allowed to question his accusers without the right to full legal representation and subject to arbitrary interference by public officials and private companies. Arbitrary arrest for minor offences, fingerprinting and DNA testing without being charged. We have no right against self-incrimination, the loss of the protection of double-jeapordy, little, if any redress when killed or injured by a virtually unaccountable police force and now mass surveillance and mass-arrests!

    All of this, despite the Human Rights Act which has proved so ineffectual as to allow the Government to state that the Act has 'not seriously impeded the Government's programme of reform of the criminal law'.

    It is not that we are on the slide to a Police State, it is that one crept up behind us while we were anaethetised by the tranquilising drug of gradualism. We now live in one. We cannot see it or choose not to see it because it hides in plain sight and manifests itself only intermittently. We only become aware of its existence when it affects us personally.

    It is easy to be sanguine about a collection of people who were intent of demonstrating their dissent. Easy to write them off as 'hippies', 'troublemakers', 'criminals' etc.. Easy to write off a few Pakistani students arrested at a Liverpool University and detained on not a shred of evidence and and deported by a vindictive state who will not allow them to complete their studies.

    It starts off with unpopular groups of people we can write off as 'expendible' or 'not particularly pleasant'.

    Until they come for you!
  13. They were interrogated, some asked 'if they were proud to be terrorists'! They were released without charge in batches late at night and into the early hours of the morning. They were ordered not to speak among themselves or with anyone else! Any money they had on them was confiscated as 'evidence' along with their mobile phones. They were turned out onto the street, some of them young girls, miles from home and without the means of contacting their families or returning home.

    The mentality of a uniformed and discipline force that can do that to people is absolutely staggering!
  14. I don't know why theres such a downer on our Police, when compared to other countries we do alright.

    Case in point the Guardia Civil in Spain. They strike first, then again and once more to make sure you get the message. In fact theres not many Police in our European cousins countries you'd be gobbing off at and or making a pratt of yourself and get away with it, but it seems we're different?

    It seems we criticise the Police for being proactive - imagine the outcry and complaints about cuts to power and 'why didn't the intelligence community/police realise 114 people broke and entered into a school with the intent on disrupting power supplies?'.

    What on earth did these people think they were going to realistically achieve? Was it likely that the state was going to say "oh yes it is the third worst polluting source in th UK - we seem to have overlooked that one, better switch it off" with no real alternative for the next 5-10 years?