Plod and medal ribbons on body armour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2/51, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I have noticed an increased number of coppers wearing medal ribbons on their body armour. Stuck me as a very odd thing to do.

    I saw a chap yesterday during the Olympic Torch Parade with a Golden and Diamond Jubilee as well as a Police Long Service, pinned to his armour, about level with his elbow due to equipment tacked onto him like a badly made fuzzy felt character.

    It's not just up here either, one of the plod on Traffic Cops last night also had.

    Surely its a bit like wearing ribbons on a coverall, or indeed Osprey etc...the body armour being a piece of PPE.

    Next they will be wearing high leg boots, and wearing H4H wristbands......

    Is this a personnal thing or is it part of dress regs?
  2. It something that they've always done. Although with the decline of the tunic the opportunity to wear medals and ribbons has gone also; its seen a bit of a resurgance in recent years especially with ex-service personnel. However I've heard from various sources that certain ribbons were frowned upon by a small number of anti-military senior officers due to those officers never serving in the Army and perhaps feeling a bit jealous...
  3. I suppose it is the only place they can wear them as most constabularies have done away with the dress uniform on general issue due to cost.

    My Grandad used to wear his great war medals on his GWR uniform and in previous years my local TA Battalion 1 WESSEX wore gongs on combats for Armistice Parade - very chippy.
  4. "Trendy" Chief Fire Officers dispensed with proper uniforms in favour of corporate wear in a vain bid to attract more ethnic minority groups and women not the Fire Service. It failed as a tactic, of course so some FS personnel wear medal badges on their blues. Formal unform is still retained but only used for parades, funerals, etc. newbies don't get issues with proper uniform at all! Admin staff hate the uniform as they feel they do as valuable a job but don't get medals of rank markings. Unfortunately, to many bosses pander to their whinging and encourage some of them to wear a uniform of sorts.
  5. iirc correctly,a lot of plod forces banned medal ribbons as it upset the m****** and we cannot have that can we.
  6. It's a lot more common in forces that have done away with Tunics and in doing so any opportunity for officers to wear medals. Where I am it doesn't seem to happen despite a disproportianately high amount of ex forces with plenty of medals between us.

    My understanding is it's done as a length of service indicator which is directed at the bosses as since random numbers came in there is no way of confirming an officers length of service. I.E "Boss don't speak to me like a child as my handcuffs are older than you."

    I imagine others will do it because they like all that kind of thing, can't say I'd do it myself but nor do I see a problem with it.
  7. Bang on 'jibber. My force allows ribbons on fleeces, I would almost say they encourage it as the tailoresses have the supplies available. In fact we received a notice on our intranet site, requesting us to submit fleeces to stores for the addition of the QDJM ribbon. I wear my ribbons simply because I am entitled to. It may be an added bonus that it is in effect an indicator of service, sopossibly avoiding getting stitched with gash jobs!!!
    I cannot be done with wearing the silly enamel ribbons on ties and body armour, I just think they look like the wearers are trying a bit too hard. Most bobbies that have not been in the forces have absolutely no idea about medal ribbons. In the past week I have told two bobbies with 20 years and 24 years respectively that they are entitled to LS&GC..they had no idea. One referred to it as that blue and white badge thingy!!!!
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  8. In my experience, the average Nigerian loves a job with a uniform and a bit of bling ;-)
  9. On body armour?? I am old enough to remember the days when we had a local Bobby. He was an ex wartime RSM and wore a proper tunic adorned with 2 rows of medal ribbons...and rightly so.

    But ribbons on workwear seems a bit odd to me.
  10. Oh how I love wearing my medals on my fleece on Remembrance Day. My single issue fleece that I was rolling around on the floor with the previous day whilst at a messy domestic. Not. Still, they don't look quite as ridiculous as the Fire Service 'uniform'
  11. Our local Bobby was like yours, 2/51 (although probably not a WWII veteran). Even looking up from my height at the age of six or seven he was a giant of a man & in inclement weather wore a cape, although I'm not sure if the edges were weighted with shot!
  12. I am pretty certain that our ruling classes base their knowledge of our ethnic minority citizens and residents on watching Rastamouse on CBeebies with their kids/grandkids.
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  13. imagesCANP0167.jpg
  14. Doubtless to be prepared in case a pregnant woman was caught short...
  15. Military ribbons might be a way of identifying a copper prepared to use some discretion, you know, had a life and saw some action before being assimilated into the borg.
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