Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 10BA09, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. What a laugh that was, anyone got any pic from there? in particular the great flood of biblical proportions?
  2. Sadly mate all the pics of the floods (including tiny rowing a sex pest down the lines) went with the ex wife mate. :x
    We also built the worlds biggest volley ball hard standing as they ran out of money before they could do anything with it. :roll:
  3. My brother has a few, I'll get some off him and post them.
  4. Cheers, will be much appreciated!
  5. We also laid the worlds longest rally course using class 30!!!!
  6. The funniest thing I saw at Ploce was a planty driving a hydreema balancing a septic tank(full of the proverbial) on the forks, it had risen like a phoenix after the flood/rain, any way he took a corner a wee bit too fast. Septic tank goes for a burton and a troop of french foreign legion get hit by a tsunami of s**te!!!

    Happy days!!
  7. Or big and daft Stretch N** disconnecting the power to the camp with his bachoe
  8. I've got quite a few pics knocking around, i liked the Henry Wintermans floating around in the dirty water -pure class. We had a guy going round in a canoe.
    At least you Sappers had a good bar in those cattle sheds -many a night i was rotton in there trying to kill the boredom.