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How to exact revenge on those Dating Grifters? hmmmmm :? .

PoF, Dating Direct, and such like. All those available MILFs and grifters plying their trade online. Pretty photos (about ten years old) and oh so twee and demure profiles. "A few extra pounds" turns out to be a walking whale. "I do love being treated like a lady, and I'm very loyal" :x I say plying their "trade", as the gormless twunt I just talked to is about 200 notes out of pocket. :roll:

I use PoF as well, he says , they meet me, he says, and we usually have some dinner. I says has he sh@gged any? and he says yeah, a couple. How many have you met? I ask: "About twelve or so". "Had one yesterday, treated her to a slap up, and was supposed to meet her Saturday, except she blew me out, in a text this morning. Must have done fifty quid on her last night".
Obviously mugged, fleeced and dumped, as they all move on to their next victim. I see a pattern emerging.

Thoughts on revenge please or even preemptive strikes Gents. :twisted:
Thanks, Tremaine, you have really cheered me up no end....

I was thinking of using PoF for company but if I am to be thanks!

You must have some contact details for them? mobile number? Email? if so set up a profile on offering errr well there services. Sit back and relax as they get phonecalls galore asking them to take it up the hoop!
Just demand she pays for the first meal, and puts out after..... or no meet.

For your second meet, promise to take them some where exotic.... all expenses paid.
Keep them dangling on and endlessly putting out - i.e. giving you what you want - with promises of exotic holidays and a lavish 5-star lifestyle which you somehow never quite deliver regardless of them holding up their side. Then if they complain, burst into tears, bang on about them not valuing you as a person and bitch endlessly about how shallow they were until the next mug comes along to be fleeced.

Sauce for the goose, after all.


No, twasn't I who was fleeced, mugged and seen off. That's been going on in my marriage for twenty odd years :D I was thinking that at 50, there's not much chance if I were single, but apparently there's hordes of post-meno-maniacs prowling the web, looking for a free ride or a pish about with Mr Doofus 8O Perhaps some are genuine though :roll:

Compare "Company Director, looking for help to drive the three classic cars and join me in the Pool at the country house". To "Honest chap with GSOH, basic down to earth, 50 yrs, Flat dweller" (eg Me) :cry:

Wonder what a little experiment on the Old Trouts site would generate?
Look out for silly shallow sharks biting to the handle "Roys Rolls" with a few well placed photos sometime soon. Perhaps we should post the replies ?
WOMAN'S LONELY HEARTS ADS :What they really mean.
FUN = Annoying
WILD = Gets pissed easily
BEAUTIFUL EYES = Face like a robber's dog
SEEKS KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR = Ex- husband is a f*cking nutter
NEW AGE = Hairy with smelly fanny
HEADSTRONG = Argumentative
CURVY = Fat cnut
CUDDLY = Fat cnut
LIKES EATING OUT = Greedy fat cnut
LIKES NIGHTS IN = Lazy fat cnut
Have you considered just tapping up friends of friends or people you happen to meet socially instead of paying money to date other desperate failures :?

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