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Plenty of Fish Walt??

I have just had a message on Plenty of Fish from a bloke in USMC desert gear whilst quite clearly not in a desert or even remotely beige looking place, holding what may or may not be a M16 (I am Navy, it could be a bow & arrow for all I know) anyway, I asked him about it and he says:

every year all units have a BATTLE CAMP its where they trach you battle skills and tell you where your going wrong

i was playing enemy as i'm skilly (weapons instructor)

Does this ring true....??
So, some bloke takes the opportunity to get laid...the whole point of sites like that..and enhances his chances by dressing up in combats. Good luck to the cunt I say. Who gives a fuck if he's never served.
'Skilly' comes across as a Brit shorthand for the Skill at Arms Instructors course....what about just the picture as they paint a thousand words.
So he's USMC? Spend a lot of time in Stafford do they?

No point firing the Dakota up for the waltenkommando for the sad sod. Just send him a link to this page and one for the Mark Powell thread.
Should have him deleting like fuck.
That gimpy looks legit, if he's playing enemy that's probably why he's wearing USMC combats that he'd swapped with the yanks on tour.

He's just a bit of a sad cunt IMO, probably a TA skilly playing enemy on his 2 week battle camp, no reason to doubt him, everything he says rings true, he's just a sad, sad cunt.
Actually, I'm more worried about the OP, what fucking navy do you serve in where the GPMG looks like an M16, you fucking dozy spastic.

And if you are this fucking clueless what right have you to point the finger at others?

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