Pledge of Allegiance at City Hall?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ITMatt, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Howdy,

    I know this is a bone question, so it's perfect for this forum :p

    Just received a letter from my recruiter advising that the date when I'll be pledging the allegiance has now been changed, because it's now due to take place at the local City Hall in front of the Mayor (and chums).

    Is this normal?

    Anyone else have to do this in front of an audience?

  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    With effect from 1 January 2004, under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, all successful adult applicants for British citizenship will be required to attend a citizenship ceremony.

    Under the Act 2002 local authorities have a statutory obligation to organise ceremonies at which a Superintendent Registrar or their deputy is required to administer the oath of allegiance to the Queen and pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom. Applicants are required to attend a ceremony within three months of their application being approved and British citizenship is not conferred until this has taken place.

    Citizenship ceremonies are a legal requirement for all new citizens and the Government hopes that they will also be significant and memorable events that will welcome them into their local authority area

    From the Northamptonshire CC website.

    So in answer to your question, an audience is normal.
  3. Strange, I was born a British citizen :lol:

    Is it not odd to do the Oath of Allegiance at the City Hall? I thought it was conducted in the office when you sign the dotted lines.
  4. I thought so too, when did u get a letter explaining this? I'm due to take my oath 1st of september and i'm from Leeds too, whens yours?
  5. Doing my oath on the 4th september mines at the afco too its abit weird it being done at city hall init mate?
  6. Hi guys,

    I've received the official letter this morning. "It is to be carried out in the City Hall in the presence of a Brigadier and the Lord Mayor, along with other dignitaries." Nothing like a little pressure, hey guys :lol:

    Anyone else having to do this as part of their attestation?
  7. Fella,
    they do this in my neck of the woods. It's designed to be a chance for the local dignitaries to acknowledge the step you are taking. It's not designed to put you under pressure, it's kind of a 'thank you for stepping up'.

    Here they put your photo in the local rag, presumably as an inspiration to any mongs who might see it and realise that there is more to life than street corners and recreational narcotics. (Don't expect the theory works, in my experience, most chavs would have trouble reading their own name)

    Take it as the compliment that it is intended to be.

    Good luck, hopefully you've made the right choice and are joining the Royal Artillery, if not, it may not be too late to rebadge!!
  8. So im guessing your in the RA??? As im wanting to join the MLRS i was wondering if you could tell me anything more abuot it.
  9. Bloke/Blokess
    I've been out of the game for a bit too long to give you the up to date gen on MLRS. I was in an MLRS Regiment, but was a Locator (now called STA). I can tell you that it is a fearsome bit of kit, was always known as the grid square removal service.
    As far as I am aware, 39 Regt RA are the only current regular MLRS regiment, so that's where you'd be heading. Have a look on the RA thread on the MOD website which should give you all the links to contact 39. Theres a bit of film on there as well showing the kit in action. During GW1 the Iraqis described being under MLRS fire as th 'Black Rain' and gave that as their reason for the rapid, massed surrendering.
  10. i also have to take mine in the city hall on 1st september, birmingham though mate
    wow, all my mates only had to go upstairs pledge their oath, sign the dotted line, shake hands then mcdonalds
    didnt know i was part of the governments plan to make out they are 'doing there bit in my path to a rewarding yet challenging career'
  11. Okay, listen up all you suck-upon-your-mammies-tits, you're joining the British Army, the finest fighting force this world has ever known. If you're going to wet your pants swearing the oath of allegiance in front of some civvi mayor and his gay cronies how the fcuk are you ever going to go into battle?
    Wise up, stand up and be proud, you have accepted the challenge that many could not even contemplate!
    Now buckle down, pass basic and learn to live!