Please watch this video and support the young boxers!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ABF9, Mar 14, 2009.

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    This is the new video I have made of my local gym Gwynfi Amateur Boxing club.

    If you have a YOUTUBE acount please leave a comment because it will mean a lot to the boys.

    We have 4 boys boxing next week in the Welsh school boy boxing championships and a boxer who is in the 2012 Olyimpic squad.

    For a village of less than 1800 people that is exceptionaly good.

    (I am ex RE by the way)
  2. ABF9,
    You tube saying its no longer available?
  3. Strange,it worked when I tried it just now.
  4. works for me, is this the same video as the last post for the boys club OR are these new fighters hoping for olympic glory????

    good luck to all them REgardless.
  5. Its a mix of both.

    Most of the boys on there are boxing in showes around Wales but the lad in the red skipping is in the Olympic GBteam.

    Last night 3 of the 4 boys who boxed won Welsh championship vests for 09.
  6. congratulations to them.

    lets hope they stick with it & you churn out the next joe calzaghe.