Please watch this video and support the young boxers!



This is the new video I have made of my local gym Gwynfi Amateur Boxing club.

If you have a YOUTUBE acount please leave a comment because it will mean a lot to the boys.

We have 4 boys boxing next week in the Welsh school boy boxing championships and a boxer who is in the 2012 Olyimpic squad.

For a village of less than 1800 people that is exceptionaly good


Keroist, that vid brought back a few memories! Great to see so many lads engaged in something positive and obviously enjoying it. That kid in the black in the ring looks quite good, and there's a little lad in red working on the bag who looks really tasty. I'll be watching events.

Thanks a bunch for posting that vid. Very much appreciated. And a big "well done" for organising things. It's certainly a positive step and it'll stand the lads in good stead.


PS: I've also left a comment on the vid. Very well done again.