Please watch this and post positive message.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ABF9, Mar 30, 2008.

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    This is a video I made about the boxing gym I help to train boxers in.

    A lot of the boys in the video have had a very tough life and if you could post a few positive coments on YOUTUBE it would mean a lot to them.


    The link=
  2. Theres a comment from me there mate, good to see people like you giving these boys something to do and to aim for. Keep it up.
  3. I think you need a montage. :D

    Why did the club close ? And what what was the standard of boxing then? If it was high, it might spur them on a bit more.

    For later clips, a few details on the fighters stats etc might help too.

  4. Thanks mate. :D

  5. I think the gym closed because it was in the bacement of a pub and when the pub changed hands they wanted the gym out.

    The standard of boxers is novice up to international.

    We have had 6 Welsh champions so far this year.

    Also 2 of the boys have won British titles and one is in the Welsh and British boxing squads and a hope full for the games in 2012.

    I am going to make a video of the boxers stats in the future.
  6. I was wondering if it had shut because of the war or something.

    The current video could benefit from having the results put in at the end.

    (maybe a picture of the lads lifting the cup/belt or trophy).

    ie 6 Champions in Wales, 2 British an get in that there are boys training for the Olympics.

    It may fire the imagination a bit.

    Any famous boxers from the club? ie a World champion or Olympics?
  7. Comment posted. You're doing good work AFB! Did a lot of work with children who'd had it tough and it both works and pays off by making you feel great. The world needs guys like you.

    Keep it up!


  8. I plan to make another video in the future.

    That one was just my firts effort.

    The gym has not famous boxers(yet?) but Welsh rugby player Duncan Jones(big blond hair) comes from the same village.
  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Got to be honest,John the head trainer is the man that keeps the gym going.

    He must have spent over £15000 of his own money on the gym .