please vote for my pic - genuine reason

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by flynavy, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello
    A while ago I asked if people could vote on my pic so I would win a holiday to China, since entering I have won money off vouchers for Panasonic cameras. However it would be nice to win the main prize, which is the holiday to china.

    The trip to china would be a fitting end to quite a miserable year, me and my family have had, I have been out in Afghan and whilst out there my family have had their problems especially my wife who has been seriously ill. Being out in Afghan was highly stressful

    The problem with voting is that you have to register with Panasonic (free) and they don’t send you any junk email.

    This is a link to my picture My Picture

    Once you have registered can you go back to my pic and can you give me a 10 please (although I am grateful for any marks the pic gets)

    Although I am in the lead the second place entrant guitarmanuk74 has been cheating by uploading a virus that added points to his score when other people marked their own pics, so I want to get a comfortable lead and win the holiday, he has since been reprimanded by Panasonic!

    If you need to search for my pic it is in the centre of Scotland and search words are “Misty Morning on Loch Ard”

    If you decide to put your own pic on then let me know and I will get my family to vote for you to get a voucher for money off a Panasonic camera

    Many thanks
  2. 10 points for you. Good luck xx
  3. 10 points voted for - nice pic by the way :judge:
  4. 10 points voted :)
  5. 10 points added. :D
  6. Done!
  7. Oh alright, another 10 points voted for you.

  8. 10 points added - all the best mate!
  9. Just how many points do you want?

    Your picture, which is very good BTW has 22128 points.

    Is that not enough?

    Can't find another photo with anything near to that..

    Oh and yes I did add my 10 points :)
  10. Your picture's crap and you've got to resort to cheating.
  11. As my old SSM said "if your not cheating your not trying"

    10 Points

  12. Great photo spoiled slightly, in my opinion, by the orange float but it's got my vote. Good Luck.
  13. Fantastic photograph and an absolutely stunning location. However, I won't be voting for you simply because your username implies you are navy. I don't like navy - you're weak and tend to surrender easily. What a bigoted stereotyper I am.
  14. I gave it a 9 - it's not worth a 10!!

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