Please tell me why that thread has been binned ?

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Its probab;y part time pongo not liking what you say as he is the censor for this section.
Pave, we've had a policy since there was a spate of particularly nasty links to , not to promote of link to videos of explicit violence , especially where it concerns losses to Allied personnel, in Current Affairs.

Some people may not be upset by it, but a great many people are.



Johnny , Pave doesn't post like a one tune fool , I've no reason to chop his posts because they are all the same, similar, no different, bang on the same thing and just plain boring.

Unlike yours. Now go and check your dustbin, I believe the EC illuminati have programmed it to spy on you. Or is that the toaster?
Dunno, could have just removed the link.

Personally I found it offensive,I saw things I would rather not see.

the link should not have been there in the first place without fair warning
I would think a training course in good manners would be good for you.

Thats the problem with NCOs


In which case I do stand corrected and apologise profusely. I am extremely sorry to have caused any offence, I found it on RR and thought it should at least be given an airing bearing in mind the enemies we face.

Apologies again.

Ok i accept that PTP ,however its about us guys who have to deal with
this as part of our job in Iraq and Afganistan . If more people saw these
video clips maybe civvies will be a bit more understanding about
the role of todays soldier . Just look at all the threads that have been
lately about ''not liking civvies'' or ''civvies not understanding''.Please dont
become a mother on this PTP .If people do become upset by this they
can stop watching it . I believe there is a warning on the thread as well
and you have to log on to YOU TUBE as well . Dont spoil ARRSE by with
this P.C. moderation .
Stab , don't worry , I'm not castigating you, you are aware now.

Johnny - ...........and sleep.

Pave , take your point, and understand where you are coming from , but in the past the "There isn't any need for this", in Arrse posts and PM's , far, far outweigh the "We get value from this" posts.


PTP, I understand totally, not a prob, if only the public were more aware of what our bods out there have to put up with, and again we do have an "enemy within". The main difference being that everyone seems not to want to offend the "muslim community". I was born in Ireland and moved here at age 9 with my mother (who is english), I went through hell at secondary school and the teachers didn't give a damn because I wasn't what they deemed as an "ethnic minority". In fact some of them joined in. I was hideously ashamed of what my fellow countrymen did and seriously considered renouncing my Irish citizenship because of it.

I am not in the slightest bit racist (mainly because of that), however there is an issue that must be addressed as there are many UK born muslims who will quite happily shift off to Iraq or Afghanistan and shoot at their (supposedly) fellow citizens.

paveway, thanks for the support mate.

Points given and taken , thread closed.
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