Please tell me this is not true!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Well, Hollywierd has people defusing bombs by just going, eeny, meeny, miney mo, snip!
  2. Yes but Hollywood has the minimum grip on reality

  3. So does MOD some days
  4. True most days actually.
  5. Did'nt they already cut the CIC by half a couple of years back? Disgraceful if it's true but nothing would surprise me.
  6. judging by some of the recent films made hollywood would'nt know how to spell reality let alone anything else,

    The Hurt locker is the first which comes to mind, as long as Hollywood gets it's revenue it could'nt care less

    As for the MOD & EOD trg, we'll be hearing plenty of these proposals especially from the Snail, we'll all see the facts the end of Oct!
  7. Yes, it looks like it is true. It was reported in today 'Times' newspaper as well. MoD report it as a "Way of widening the training to include more people...." and to get more people available to do the job.....or words of that gist.!

    Possibly a case of 'Needs Must'
  8. next thing they will change the chefs course to 2 weeks in Mc'Donalds and send em straight to the 'stan'
  9. Why not, it worked for me? Well until re-licensing anyway. If Carlsberg did public bollockings........................
  10. This is not True!
  11. Hollywood are there to entertain people not portray the truth - it's just a film!
  12. So ZULU is not a documentary then 8-O

    Gutted :pissedoff:
  13. You mean all bombs don't have a big red LCD display counting down the seconds like they do in films?