please tell me this is bullsh i t

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by arby, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Out in the pub last night and got chatting to a friend of a friend. As the whole group were taking the urine for joing the TA, this bloke corners me and we start chatting about his time in the TA, he asks me what stage Im at. I tell him Im waiting for the letter for the medical and he says "any worries on that front?" nope says I, maybe just eyesights a bit rubbish, he laughs and says, "na, what about the old CDT?" after telling him Im not some f*cking smackhead but Id happily smack him one for the suggestion he tells me that he failed his first time round but was told to come back when he would be clean, he then got in no probs. No units or names as yet as I dont want to upset anyone if its just hte mad ramblings of a loser, but it seems a bit worrying. anyone heard similar?
  2. If you aren't on anything, It's not going to pick anything up.

    If you are, It will, and you will be hoofed out faster then a greased weasel and told to never darken the doors of any Military establishment ever again.

  3. cheers PTS, the guys a fat cnut anyway, reminds me a bit too much of mike from spaced.
  4. I could be wrong, but the CDT isnt part of the medical when you join, is it?

    And as for being told to go away and come back when he's 'clean' - I dont know about anyone else, but i wouldnt be happy with him in my section at all....It just wouldnt happen....

    I think he's talking a pile of b0ll0cks.

    BTW, Arby, which yeomanry Sqn you joining?
  5. Wasn't in mine, My first one was at CMS(R).

  6. Why, Is he planning to invade France? :?

    If so, Top man. :D
  7. didnt sound right, mind you I should have guessed, he was with two other blokes who were whining about the airsoft ban thing. Im joining c sqn lumpy.
  8. The piss test on your medical isn’t testing for drugs, I believe it’s to test for abnormalities in sugar and protean levels – one of the forums many medics would be best to ask about that if you’re really interested.

    As for drugs…
    It doesn’t matter what you used to do before you joined, just so long as when you join you give up all your nasty little habits and stay clean.
    Everyone deserves a chance to change for the better.
  9. my only concern was that there was some waltish dope smoker running around playing with radios.
  10. when i had an interview with the RSM before my medical, i told him that i used to take illegal substances when i was younger and have been clean for 5 years (family, more mature, not in same group etc), i was honest with him and was no problem watsoever
  11. You find tw@ts in every organisation.

    They’re not just playing with radios, they also get their hands on weapons, vehicles, and whatever else their role requires.

    If you suspect someone’s a smack-head then report it to someone who’ll do something about it.

  12. Aaargh a fish head note to self for when Arby gets to RTC
  13. FF Box

    I'd keep an eye on Arby. Works on a building site with poor eye sight, but is considered to be PO. And have you seen that avtar! The QOY have got him brain washed already.
  14. Do you know what STAB stands for. I doubt it, but you fit the bill.
  15. thats a bit harsh jedi.