Please tax me more

words cant explain ...... the lump is very firmly stuck in my throat.
Another reason to tell any Labour lickspittle that campaigns on my door to FOAD.

I don't mind paying more tax if something like this happening again, could be stopped, I object to paying more tax so that the buffoon prescott can have 2 jags and tosser blair can start more wars.
I doubt more tax is needed, just the destruction of a few jobsworth civil servants will make a world of difference.

More UK Nurses and doctors would help, as would paying cleaners what they are worth. Most of this stuff would save money, not cost more...

I might as well put a slug of Walther's finest through my swede right now, and save our poor, overburdened healthcare system from the problem of having to treat me in the inevitable event of my health failing. After all, what have we got to look forward to? Work until you're 90 or live in a freezing shop doorway, stinking of piss. And what will our country look like then? It's bloody bad enough now. I'm dreading it, I really am.

I would willingly sell my wife, children and springador for medical experiments if I knew that the proceeds would go towards maintaining and nay increasing the number of civil servants that this Labour government has showered upon me...A penny spent on public services is a pound well-taxed from me...(erm..some mistake there surely ?)
The problem is that very little of the extra tax money that was "ringfenced" for the NHS has actually been spent on doctors & nurses - rather managers! Any subsequent increase would go the same way.
Even in the support services there are problems. My wife worked for couple of years as a payroll officer for the NHS. There was plenty of money for the PR depatment producing all sorts of new brouchures, etc. But when people left from the payroll department they weren't being replaced. At the same time new initiatives were being brougt in to provide a 'call-centre' to answer payroll and expense queries, but there was no increase in manpower and it reduced the possibilities for flexible working because the phones had to be manned for so many hours each day. As a generalisation, managers nowadays cannot seem to manage their way out of a wet paper bag, it all comes down to the bean-counters.
I doubt neither the story printed in the Telegraph, nor that NHS is over burdened with managers and bureaucracy whilst short of the much more important Doctors, Nurses and Cleaners it so clearly needs.

What I doubt is the British electorates ability to see it. They are for more likely to decide to 'punish' the Tories again by voting those idiots, liars and f&*kwits of Neu Arbeit back in.

Of course, the electorate won't be hurting themselves! They will however, rue their shortsighted decision within 2 years of making it. They will also blame the politicians for screwing up, not themselves for putting them in in the first place. Remember, you read here on ARRSE first!
Hail to the Arch mediocrities who will (again) form our government. I believe it was Plato who said good men and women should put themselves forward for government and if they didn't, they had only themselves to blame for allowing weaker men and women to rule them.

The current population of the Palace of Westminster are to a man/woman oxygen thieves of the first water. Mao said change comes only through the barrel of a gun; if selection committees in constuencies had a few SA80s, then we could have some de-selection with extreme prejudice!!

Oh and as I never miss an opportunity to say, Bollocks to Bliar...

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