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This is for the expats, those of other nationalities that know and those that ought to know.

But mainly it is for the thousands of Rhodesians of all races who fought for real liberty and shed their blood that certain people may now speak with volume on affairs of which they have little or no knowledge.

Go well my friends, may you find rest someday.

Please note the tone of pride and respect afforded in this, the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.


Whereas in the course of human affairs history has shown that it may become for a people to resolve the political affiliations which have connected them with another people and to assume amongst other nations the seperate and equal sttus to which they are entitled:

And Wheras in such event a respect for the opinions of mankind requires them to declare to other nations the causes which impel them to assume full responsibility for their own affairs.

Now Therefore, We, The Government of Rhodesia, Do Hereby Declare:

That it is an indisputable and historic fact that since 1923 the Government of Rhodesia have exercised the powers of self-government and have been responsible for the progress, development and welfare of their people;

That the people of Rhodesia having demonstrated their loyalty to the Crown and to their kith and kin in the United Kingdom and elsewhere through two world wars, and having been prepared to shed their blood and give of their substance in what they believed to be the mutual interests of freedom-loving people, now see all that they have cherished about to be shattered on the rocks of expediency;

That the people of Rhodesia have witnessed a process which is destructive to those very precepts upon which civilization in a primitive country has been built; they have seen the principles of western democracy, responsible government and moral standards crumble elsewhere; nevertheless they have remained steadfast;

That the people of Rhodesia fully support the requests of their Government for soverign independence but have witnessed the consistent refusal of the Government of the United Kingdom to accede to their entreaties;

That the Government of the United Kingdom have thus demonstrated that they are not prepared to grant soverign independence to Rhodesia on terms acceptable to the people of Rhodesia, thereby persisting in maintaining an unwarrantable jurisdiction over Rhodesia, obstructing laws and treaties with other states and the conduct of affairs with other nations and refusing to assent to laws necessary for the public good; all this to the detriment of future peace, prosperity and good government of Rhodesia;

That the Government of Rhodesia have for a long period npatiently and in good faith negotiated with the Government of the United Kingdom for the removal of the remaining limitations placed upon them and for the grant of soverign independence;

That in the belief that procrastination and delay strike at and injure the very life of the nation, the Government of Rhodesia consider it essential that Rhodesia should attain without delay, soverign independence, the justice of which is beyond question;

Now Therefore, We The Government of Rhodesia, in humble submission to Almighty God who controls the destinies of nations, concious that the people of Rhodesia have always shown unswerving loyalty and devotion to Her Majesty the Queen and earnestly praying that we and the people of Rhodesia will not be hindered in our determination to continue exercising our undoubted right to demonstrate the same loyalty and devotion, and seeking to promote the common good so that the dignity and freedom of all men may be assured, Do,By This Proclamation, adopt, enact and give to the people of Rhodesia the Constitution annexed hereto.

God Save The Queen

Given under Our Hand at Salisbury; this eleventh day of November in the Year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five.

This was signed by the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the ten other Ministers of the government.

Thus did Perfidious Albion bring about more terrorism supported by certain states, the eventual one party state and the downfall of a good and loyal country.

This was mainly but by no means wholly the fault of the Government of the United Kingdom, many political activists supported the murderous butchering by communist terrorists:

Anthony and Cherie Blair, Jack Straw, John Prescott and Peter Hain are amongst those that have already the blood of thousands on their hands.
May their God have mercy on their souls.
They sure put up a good fight though..........

One day when Mugabe is dead I hope to visit my birthplace...........
Have known some Rhodies in my time, and have to say that they are the kind of people you would want at your side when the lead starts to fly.
Rhodesian African Rifles did excellent job in Malaya prior to becoming Malaysia. Only regiment in those days where the white officers had black privates.

I'll get my coat!
Too true. Got no Castle here but a glass of red to all the Rhodies. A lot went down to SA and a lot came up North, some much later. Here's to John Maasai, who lost a leg when a Capt in the Selous Scouts; did about six degrees afterwards and still plays rugby, and you do not get in front of the bugger when he has the ball. His country is represented by people of a slightly lower calibre now.
Those who forget our Government's treachery, towards the Rhodesians, would do well to examine the barbarism of Mugabe and remember that many of the current rabble gave voice and support to him and his terrorists. Now they prefer to ignore the destruction of what was once the 'bread-basket' of Africa.


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BRL, the 'Troopie' statue pictured in the link is a stunning sculpture, but like most infantrymen is well used to the time honoured cry of, 'Wng Ord - move now !'
He made the trip down to South Africa just prior to Uncle Bob getting the reins, which prevented the usual destruction visited on other monuments.
(Cheers Tony & your lowlife ilk ! :evil: )

Eventually he came to rest at the Johannesburg Military Museum, situated in Jhb zoo, where old comrades visited for many years.

However when the ANC were due to be given authority over South Africa, good sense prevailed and he was moved once again.
The location isn't presently public, but rest assured he's in good hands.
Have you read the book "Dead Leaves"? Ive had it recommeded to me.,

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