Please support this!!

I have started an online petition to try and get Manchester City Council to recognise the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict, and especially to commemorate Pte Mark W Fletcher, 2 Para, a Manchester lad killed at Goose Green.

The petition can be found at

It has been going some weeks and seems to have stalled on me, so any support would be welcome, particularly if you could draw it to the attention of friends, colleagues and family. Thank you
Just to bump this back to the top and give you some idea of the task involved in getting a worthwhile response from Manchester City Council.

On Friday I finally received word from Councillor Val Stevens, who has been given the task of organising the 'Reception' that I have been campaigning for. Here is her email:

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for contacting me about this matter.

I am sure you are aware that Manchester City Council is very happy to receive those residents of the Falklands conflict who reside in the City of Manchester. I am assuming that other authorities have been in contact with a view to receiving their Veterans who live in their respective areas.

The Lord Mayor has asked me to invite yourself and Mr Paddy G to join him for afternoon tea on 10th August at 4.00pm. If this date is convenient for you, please can you contact Anita Scallan, Lord Mayor's Office


Councillor Val Stevens

So, from the list of 16 SAMA82 members that I submitted, they are prepared to cough up for two cups of tea (unless Paddy drinks coffee). As Paddy G is working that day anyway, the whole event is a non-starter. Sorry to disappoint you, but although I would go on my own, I do not intend to out of principle.

Please sign my petition, I will shame them into action hopefully

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