Please stop the silly Walt posts, genuine ones only needed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by VanHelsing, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Everyones jumping on the Walt wagon, Walthunting is a serious issue and the ones that need to be exposed will be. The ones that have gained financially or in their social standing by lies and fabrication or claiming awards/medals to which they are not entitled.

    NOT an issue for civvies with names like Walt Spotter with less posts than a garden fence.

    If these threads keep popping up then the Walt issue may have to have some password protection maybe.
    If you have a genuine candidate then post it in the relevant forum and it will be looked into. You may be asked for any additional information you have.
    But seriously all this is undermining the serious stuff that is ongoing.

  2. You mean like chefs?
  3. COOKS! They're not bloody chefs, not if the food they make is anything to go by. Bloody chef walts.
  4. snigger
  5. They are not cooks, they are Slop Jockeys.
  6. Jockey sounds like a trade! egg tossers! Ration assassins! ha ha
  7. Cook your fcuking own food then :twisted:
    But Walts, oh those &*%$£@* Walts :roll:
  8. I'll have you know the soupdragons(oops I mean cooks, oh no sorry chefs :oops: ) do a good job when the TV cameras are there :lol:
  9. You Know Sainty is going to be taking a names shortly, think before one posts time mwahahahahaaha
  10. Ration Assassins : Able to take a crate of perfectly good ingredients and completely ruin them.
  11. hey are aually 'Fitters and Turners'

    Fit it into tins and turn it into SH1T

  12. I quite agree with you VH whats needed here is a walt poster spotter. Maybe the powers that be should make someone a moderator who can either point the poster in the right directIon or lock the thread off before it gets out of hand.

  13. Who died and made you moderator?
  14. Just making a point, we have a lot of the Jap Slapping brigade on trying to get their own back for Spour. If you cant see the amount of Walt posts in the last 2 weeks then I suggest you read again.
  15. Walt spotting here in australia is taken quite seriously, lots of walts illegally claiming veterans treatments and medical care, are slowly being found out and procecuted, they are also being publicy outed in newspapers and if warranted even on tv,as far as the comments about chefs goes, was always a reasonable bean burner myself 8) but there are lots of brilliant muchmaligned chefs out there!! think nexttimeyou come off a wet and cold stag or stand to and thereis a decent brew and a hot egg banjo waiting for you!! here is something to think about!!back in the dark ages of 303,s and BD,s, I lived in the same spider as some RASC bakers, there was a 35 year alky lancejack called Lenny who,se sole job was to fire up the coal bakers ovens every evening, he wore the grottiest kit imaginable, a couple of bright young national service bakers decided it would be a great joke to crap in lenn,ys plimsolls!! Lenny never said a thing, 18 months laterat the young fella,s demob bash they apologised to lenny and owned up to their prank, Lenny calmly replied never mind I punished you all, I baked the turds ground them up and put it into the pepperpots in the bakers dining room :twisted: Never forget We Chefs have long memories and being evil is part ofour training :lol: