Please spread this message

With grateful thanks to Cpl_Ripper.......

Ladies and Gentlemen

It's election day tomorrow, and we need to get as many of us out to the polls as possible (Those that have the vote that is :roll: )

Please copy this poster, (Right click, save picture as) and attach it in your emails to friends families and collegues, reminding and encouraging them to exercise their democratic rights.

It is not important who you vote for, but it is important that you DO vote, and encourage others to do so.

Please spread the word.



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As I've just received it from someone in my unit :D
I would if i had a postal vote form.......

guess Tony doesnt want my vote during my third trip to the sand.......
I have a suspicion i'm not the only one over here who has applied for the vote, and been let down by the system
Excellent poster. It reminds me ones from Stalin's era.

My addition: "Army has only two friends: RAF and RN".

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