I have been sweet talked into the 10K london run on saturday the 2nd of July.

Others and I are running in aid of Combat Stress, a forces charity.

I would be very, very grateful if you could sponsor me, there is no minimum (I wont accept 5 pence though).

It's for a good cause and one that has helped thousands of servicemen in the past!

Please dig deep and if not for me, then for one of the others who are participating from ARRSE, there are a few of us (I will accept cheques or cash). But please, if you do say you'll sponsor one of us - keep your word!


No worries...I'll pledge you £10 ..wear odd socks and I'll make it £15 :D
LOL..... I think 10£ will do nicely mate as I am doing the run in boots bergan etc I need to look after me tootsies LOL!!

I'll sponsor you...

I was seriously considering doing this run for Combat Stress on Sunday, trouble is:

I have my own sponsored event (Hadrians Wall, solo :D ) coming up in September and need to reserve those I'll tap into for sponsorship for that


Saturday night i'm going to a serious all night boozy-end-up-comatose-in-the-field-where-you-drop kind of party so unless competing on my hands and knees whilst vomiting every 100 yards is viable its probably best I dip out of this one.

Count me in for the next one but in the mean time do you have a webpage where I can sponsor you or shall I pledge here?

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