Please Sir! - Soldiers to retrain as teachers.

Apologies if someone's already picked up on this, but the Beeb's running a story on former soldiers retraining as teachers to improve classroom discipline:


I know this should really be in Current Affairs, but I can see the way this thread will develop! So:

What subject would you like to teach and to whom?
How would you improve discipline?

By the way, I've already baggsy'd Head of 6th Form PE at the local girls' school.

Edited for mong spelling.
Head of 6th Form Sociology at local girls school
Why not.

Preferably some hard assed bastard like in Starship Troopers.

Actually, the whole "Citizen" thing in Starship Troopers is worth a debate (as are the merits of mixed sex showers).

I'd have to be the careers advisor, i recall the careers advisor at my school was excellent and had fingers in a few pies within local businesses. He was also ex army.

As for discipline, stress positions for however long it takes or those that fcuk up in lessons?!
or good kickin' where there are no cameras . . . that'll learn 'em!
Looks like a receipe for disaster. At least the Law will be able to reach their targets when stroppy adolescent youths are spoken to manually.

To any Inner City comprehensive full of 'disadvantaged' kids. You're never too poor to behave and self-respect doesn't cost a penny.

Or, 6th Form Sex Education at Wellington School, Ayr. From what I remember, those young ladies were pretty well versed in the theory already...


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When I were a lad, all our teachers - except the women - were ex-forces. Of course this was in 50's and war had not long finished. The teachers were excellent. Good at their subjects, yet easily distracted and launched into war stories.
Discipline was strict without being opressive and we all had good manners. I do not ever recall anyone being expelled, excluded or getting into serious trouble. Of course, we had corporal punishment, and the cane was used for most petty misdemeanours, so that did help to maintain a steady and calm atmosphere.
rockpile said:
Looks like a receipe for disaster. At least the Law will be able to reach their targets when stroppy adolescent youths are spoken to manually.
My thoughts too... Just because the new teacher will look "more powerful," as one paper put it, they will still be restrained by the same beaurocratic loving, red tape humping, human rights nazi, target setting knobbers that prevent teachers getting on with their jobs these days. This "solution," doesn't address what is fundamentally wrong with the system.


P.S, Shot-gun teaching "biology," at the local all girls... :hump:
What do you do when they tell you to fcuk off? They will see you as a challenge. You can try and detention them, if they swear at you you might get them excluded...
I still think it's a good idea, but until teachers are given greater powers to deal with the sh*ts they will continue to be sh*ts.

Why has no-one bagged ICT teacher? ARRSE and porn all day long... :p
My Deputy Headmaster was ex-Welsh Guards (NCO I believe, not the usual Guards orificer type certainly) - became defacto head of discipline and was able to mentor one or two "less emotionally suitable" teachers to be able to handle their classes effectively.

I don't think it would take more than two ex-forces teachers per school to make a serious difference, especially now the rules have been changed to allow teachers to discipline their 'charges'.

My preferred job? I'd have to join up and serve first! :oops: :roll:
Discipline discipline discipline, it would be better to take some of these little monsters around the back for a good kicking, ensuring they pass through a metal detectors to check they are not tooled up.

Perhaps better than all these weak willed liberal sandal wearing hippies who they have in the teaching profession at the present.

I always though all teachers had a degree in their chosen subjects, I was wrong, they don't!
To get the best, they have to be trianed by the best!
This comment from the article shows one marked differance between the US army and the UK forces:

The Troops to Teachers (T3) programme in the US retrains soldiers with a minimum of 10 years' experience, and a degree, as fully-certified teachers.
The US Army has a quite high proportion of its 'other ranks' and seniors educated to degree level, often via the army directly. We on the other hand are happy to teach the common soldiery to count to 10. At a push.

*remembers trying to do an OU course and having to bin it due to seniors actively denying anyone in our unit attending night school or other extra curricular education because they wanted bods on the vehicle park*
Ex-paras setting spelling tests in English lessons eh? :D
I shall seek a position in a Bavarian Convent school teaching the little girls Home Economics (with apologies to Blackadder)

Mr Happy

US accepts soldiers as role models and ideal to be teachers. A friend who has now picked up his one star was about to de-kit to be a school administrator (headmaster). Seems like a great idea, you serve your country and then instruct kids. Pension and pay all around.

And I might add, female teachers are very... keen to get jumped.


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Major Jones the maths teacher (Gunner) at my prep school was the object of fear and respect. He could be distracted to talk about the desert, but it was a risky tactic and did not always work.

He was usually sympathetic to boys playing war games, but once he gave me detention for being a German. I think he heard me shouting:

"Achtung Englander shwiene" and

"ack ack ack ack ack ack ack!" with my air Schmeisser.

May I teach English Literature to the VI Form Girls.
In my opinion, the best disciplinarian at a school is the school caretaker. I base this on my experience as a former incumbent at a well known N.W school.

"Charcters", were the guys to ping on, get one or two alone and have a quiet word or two, not making any direct threats but making the meaning clear that it was entirely possible for that particular miscreant to be going home at 15 30 hrs with his head under his arm. The results were pretty good and I had only two who decided to test the water, result, their sore kidneys and badly wounded pride but no further trouble.

Once word got round, probs ceased and calm and tranquility reigned

Strangely enough I was never taken to task by the Higher Echelon, nor any parents who might have been "informed".

Best twenty years of my life after my service.

Thompson!..............Cheque please....thank you.


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Mr Happy said:
gosh, playing war in the play ground, is that still allowed?
Probably not but it was in the early 70's, I was just more careful about being a German. I don't remember any one ever being a Jap or a w... I mean Italian or any of their other allies, odd that.

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