Please sir, can i have....


Is it possible to have a unread PM counter on the forum pages. I rarely go to the front apge and thus miss when PM's come in unless i specifically check it!


This has been requested a couple of threads down by No9 and is a fair one. It got chopped in the theme change on an assessment of 'no need' and no requests to keep it, but I can understand the use of it so will look at it when I get a chance.
Self refreshing without page reloading needs a bit of a jump in technology to 'Ajax' or similar - the sort of thing the latest Yahoo email uses where the web page can access the server without the page being reloaded as normal websites need.

I am about to look at this for another project in my life as a proper geek and if it proves straight forward enough I will do it as it's a much much better idea than an irritating pop-up.

So good idea, but no action on that one likely within the next couple of months and I will bear it in mind once I've learnt a bit about what's needed.
How about this? Only on the index page in the standard colour scheme at the moment until I've had some feedback.
I think it detracts from your top banner a bit. The principle is fine, but i would put it in the block of buttons on the Right hand side of the page (search, messages, new posts).


Agreed. I should be able to fit it above the buttons on the right. More logical place too.
I like the addition... just noticed it this morning of course but it was a pleasant surprise.
I say chaps,

Would you mind telling me where my bottoms have gone?

The "mind the gap" shot was particularly good for morale.
Good CO said:
I started a thread a few days ago paying hommage to ladies bottoms, the attached may jog your memory.

I can't find it now for the life of me!

Life preping for cse has become rather tedious and I enjoy the general peachiness.

Any ideas?


Good CO said:
How about this? Only on the index page in the standard colour scheme at the moment until I've had some feedback.
Never seen the above since it was supposed to reappear, then it's rare I get a PM, and quite right too. However, the other day one was sent. No informative box etc, what happens is that any ARRSE page I launch is accompanied by an extra mini window flashing about which states Error 404 done and the page I actually wanted to open semi freezes???

So, now I have to conclude if 'normal' serviced is freaked, I have a PM?? Maybe I know when one has arrived, but in a quaint old fashion way I so much liked the old technology - largely because it WORKED, even if it wasn't cutting edge, 3D, ain't I clever Mum, cool or whatever.


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