Please Sir, can I have some more??

Can't stay within your own rules? Easy peasy - change the rules. Hey presto and you're back within the rules again.

This Government are beyond belief.

The Tories say such a move would be a final nail in the coffin of Gordon Brown's reputation for prudence.
Funny, not the reputation that I'm aware of! :D

All Liebour seem to do is borrow, borrow, borrow; breaking their own 40% rule will at best be a short term fix. All in all a bit of a rock and hard place scenarion for Broon (what a shame :cry: ) To cover the £8bn shortfall he either increases taxes (not exactly a vote winner) or borrows more (more debt for the country, not really vote winner either).
It will soon be the case that this entire country's GDP will be absorbed in interest payments alone. Mind you, with the amount of damage already done to this country a few billion more debt probably won't make much odds. :x
They broke the rules years ago in any case. If the Tories get in the first thing they should do is audit the PPP and PFI contracts that have been let - including those let by the last Tory Gobmint under Joe 90 (Major).

THEN we will all find out how much money we haven't got for the last 16 and the next 20 years. The Gobmint Accounting Rules (particularly the ones drafted by the one-eyed thief in No 10) changed the rules to take those off the main ledger and therefore didn't count towards his 40% Golden Rule.


Edited once for angry spelling :evil:

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