Please Sir. Can I have some more?

Of Jackson's money I guess.

WHO'S the daddy? Michael Jackson's dearest friend Mark Lester looks at the King of Pop's daughter Paris and is convinced HE is.

In an astonishing interview, Jacko's long term pal confessed to the News of the World that he secretly donated sperm to help the singer have children.

Until two weeks ago the child star of Oscar- winning classic Oliver! had not told ANYONE his story - not even his wife. Even now he has only shared it with his closest family members.

But today Mark, 51, is speaking out, convinced by the uncanny and growing likeness of 11-year-old Paris to his 15-year-old daughter Harriet (pictured above). He is certain he fathered them BOTH. And he has pledged to take a paternity test to PROVE it.
Source: News of the World

Can't quite work out the "Even now he has only shared it with his closest family members." comment - along with the world's media network.

So who would you donate the people paste to?
I dare say Mark Lester has also had sperm donated to him by Jacko. Maybe he was just returning the favour? No doubt Michael has jacked himself off numerous times and spaffed over Marks face whilst watching "Oliver".
Any woman whose body I could reliably be sure the authorities would never find.

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