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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Ragged_Wrac, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. only if your avatar is a true representation of yourself :twisted:
  2. Who says that it isnt :twisted:

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  3. WRAC could you perhaps add a little bit more as to why it should be signed? Bar the obvious traditions of the regiments, pride therein etc?

    As I understand it, in pure business terms, a more centralised management system in both human resources and logistical support would be far more efficient and provide a better service and structure to the soldiers.

    Therefore, assuming your husband is a member of one of these regiments, I'd have thought you'd support a better system for him?
  4. His a top tip, paint yer faces blue, pop a skirt on and shout at the top of your voices at the invading English. Remember the seat of power is in London, not Auchtermuchty.

    RW, I'll go with the opinion that you are more like your user name than your avatar.

    Ragged WRAC----Betty Turpins porn stunt double??
  6. We could get the RE to rebuild Hadrians wall. That would be a good investment.
  7. Sorry about this but I did PM it to a mod but he missed it...

    I’m not to sure about the new FIA regulations governing this and as I’m not at work this week I can't check.
    But I’d be VERY weary of adding my name and email address to anything like this until it's clear who the information might become available to in the not to distant future.

    Under the new Freedom of Information Act third part information will, under very specific circumstances be available to others.

    The disclaimer on the petition site doesn't say if the existing act or the new one regulates it.

    I just want you to be aware that a conflict might arise over adding your name here and your employers having that information in 12 or 18 or less month’s time.

    Anyone clear on this can help out?

    Tell me I'm safe to sign it please and show the links.

  8. Well if you centralise a management system in theory the logistics of this one group should then be easier to manage. One large request going in from one set of people rather than many sets of people asking for the same materials for different groups.

    I'd imagine other elements of the logistical chain in both a non operational and operational sense would become easier to manage.
  9. BBC

    Very correct appears to be maintained by

    Another link here

    I would be wary of attaching my Hancock, to a petition maintained by a retail organisation , or indeed one that described itself as "Politically active"

    Furthermore, and FIA aside, by filling in all the details asked for, to sign the petition , are you not compromising PERSEC ?
  10. No offence intended to your business studies textbook, antphilip, but either I have misunderstood you or in fact you have no idea what you are talking about. With respect. :wink:
  11. Hackle point quite well taken, past a basic level of business understanding I can't claim to know much.

    I was simply asking for someone to clarify why it would be a bad thing to have a bigger whole than many smaller parts.

    As what little I know of business told me that having many people doing the same job in different locations is inefficient when it can be centralised in a greater whole.

    Do feel free to tell me why i'm wrong though rather than just saying it... as I said i'm looking for reasoning and am freely willing to accept my thoughts and assumptions are wrong if shown to be.
  12. I had a look at the site. You dont need to complete your full address - town is enough. However, as you are all obviously keen to sign a petition you may wish to visit - with bonus of being able to add your own message to Mr Blair.
  13. You are talking about economies of scale. antphilip, it wasnt your business-studies I was questioning, more the assumption that the proposed changes would be relevant to the logistic chain. Maybe you arent quite clear that the various battalions would still operate as separate battalions, even if combined in one 'large regiment'.