Please sign this petition against the French!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Even though I live in sight of the home of Jean Crapaud, and bear no good will toward the nation as a whole, I'm damned if I'm going to sign my name to some bedwetting liberal pinko faggot-style document condemning the frogs for killing animals cruelly. It's what they do. They're French, they can't win wars so they take it out on mother nature. Add garlic and they'll charge a fortune, and the same Guardianista f*ckwits who'll routinely protest about this sort of cack will happily pay to be insulted in a supercilious tone and fed shark-chewed entrails of dog under the name of "Petit chien mange con grand poisson"(I'm sure that some **** spanker will correct my french). Anyway, who really gives a tupenny f*ck if a few of those little yappy mini pretend dogs get slung over the side as pedigree chum?
  2. I think I speak for us all when I agree whole heartedly with Themanwho . Is bad enough that these pinko tree hugging sandal wearing wig wam dwelling crusty bean eating radicals have stopped us hunting with dogs now they want to stop the brave fisherman of La Reunion from catching sharks. How else are these fisherman supposed to earn a living ?
    Its the thin end of the wedge , fox hunting , dogbait shark fishing .... whats next ? Coarse fishing ? Badger baiting ? Cock fighting ?
    Bout time these whinging, Guardian reading liberals took time to think about the plight of the children of la Reunion whose fathers are out in all weathers catching sharks with dogs so they can put bread on the table . NOT wasting thier time worrying about some flea bitten worm infested stray dog !!!!
  4. I'd be bothered if they were using proper dogs, ie, a hound that stands over knee height and kills burglars, but they can use as many of those hairy, little rats with ribbons in their hair, handbag ornaments and cats as they like.... Especially cats.
  5. Hats off to them for originality!
  6. When the RSPCA, or any of those other do gooder animal tw@ts, get up a petition against digging up dead people than I'll sign it. You'd think the pinko's would have enough to do without worrying about something that's going on in some tiny island in the Indian Ocean.
    It's probably rumour control stuff and almost certainly individuals rather than officially sanctioned as they seem to imply.

    Spectacular island though - great big fcuk off volcano. There's a big stone column in one of the towns commemorating the death of a young british officer in a duel with a french captain. They were so chuffed to actually kill one young british snotty they had to build a memorial.

    Expensive but if you like wilderness and can cope with frogspeak I can heartily recommend it. Beaches are crap and swimming is dodgy but surfing excellent.

    It might be french now but only because we gave it to them as part of the treaty of Utrecht or somesuch carve up of the world.
  8. See? Bleeding-heart Guardian reading fluffy bunny lovers... no sense of humour.

    Just as a matter of interest, what breed would provide the best lure for sharks? Pekinese for Hammerheads? Poodles for Tigersharks? Great Danes for Great Whites?
  9. You mean a bleeding-heart Guardian reading fluffy bunny loving CADET instructor who actually started a thread asking the question ' how do i attach a kukri to an assult vest ' :p :p

    How about those horrible little yappy scottish things that you see on the front of shortbread tins for bull sharks ?
  10. I'm no pinko, I don't mind killing people, dropping bombs on tows/villages etc and generally fcuking peoples sh!t up. It's just the cute little bunnny wunnies, kitty witties and puppy dogs!

    Give me napalm and a terrorist hideout anyday! Or why not use fundalmentalists as shark bait? :twisted:
  11. so what type of shark would catch when using a fundamentalist on a hook? Are there any sharks that nibble their prey to death?
  12. I don't mind inflicting pain on humans - in fact I quite enjoy it - but I draw the line at hurting animals.