Please sign our petition to get BFPO numbers recognised

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PostedOverseas, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,
    Well the campaign to get BFPO numbers recognised is getting nearer to starting.
    Before it does, we need signatures on our online petition.
    It's easy to do and takes lass that a minute.

    It's for the good of us all, if your not postedoverseas now, you may be one day.
    To sign the petition click here

    The petition is part of the campaign to to get BFPO number recognised by cretain companies, financial instutions etc that refuse to deliver or provide services to BFPO addresses. Click here for more details
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  3. signed
  4. Thanks for the feedback so far, I look forward to reading more.
    Thats feedback on the petition page, not the above comments although they are very welcome as well.
  5. Nice one Posted!

    Would it help if I could create an hyperlinked icon that people could copy into their email signatures to help spread the word? To do it you'd need to have a suitable logo somewhere on your website.

  6. Signed, even if a little off kilter. I need to RTFQ in future. Good site, but the spelling needs to be addressed before this is submitted if it is to be taken seriously!
  7. One way to get round the problem is to enter your BFPO address like this...

    Pte T Atkins
    A Coy
    1 Blankshires
    Whatever Barracks
    BFPO 123
    Mill Hill
    NW7 1PX (which is the physical postcode of BFPO in Mill Hill....)

    Which usually solves the problem - although not always. I've normally got this to work on internet sites and with the more stupid companies out there.

    Hope it helps....

  8. Done, and good luck.

  9. Cheers mate,
    I'll try and knock one up tomorrow, I've also had requests from companies to supply them with one that says that they deliver to BFPO addresses so that they can put it somewhere on there homepage, like Richer Sounds do.
  10. Thanks again, so far there are 51 signatures, but we still need more so spread the word.
  11. Jobs a good 'un. I was sick as a parrot after 3 years in Deutschland of trying to explain to mongoloids what a BFPO address was. Half of the companies just said it was the way their software was constructed and they couldn't change it!!!!