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Well it is fairly simple, shoot all foreign benefit claimants, then the long term unemployed, 10 years plus ( war veterans and the disabled don't count), if that doesn't solve it reduce it to 5 years, and all the way down to zero days, until resolved.
Questions? none, good, get on with it!

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just who is all the money owed too again?
Why? It's fact...

Although, according to another source, we are actually something like £4 trillion in debt, plus public sector pension liability.
As stated above. WHO do we owe this money too? Why can't we do an 'Iceland' and default?
We are so confident in our predictions that we thought it best to put this at the bottom of the page where we say we are 'absolutely' sure our facts are all accurate

"Information in MoneyWeek magazine is for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon by individual readers in making (or not making) specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision"

OOhh look, there's a book too:The Plague of the Black Debt - How to Survive the Coming Depression: James Dale and Lord William Rees-Mogg Davidson: Books
so its all going to come crashing down?


this financial system has had its day, the spongers at BOTH ends of the scale, the dole bludgers and international bankers, have bled us dry.

we are being asset stripped.

time for a new system.
Just a hint, but when an e-documentary states that the challenges the UK faces with its debt boils down to 'simple maths' it is without doubt bollocks. Its references and much of the figures (particularly when referring to figures in the 'Trillions') is sourced from journo psycho babble articles in the press and BBC. The only reliable statistic quoted is from the Office of National Statistics and refers to £120 billion net borrowing.
What do you include as 'disabled'?

Do the morbidly obese that only have an electric scooter because theyre too lazy to get off theyre fat arrses count?

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The morbidly obese on their scooters don't count as disabled! They are fat fucks that need to diet and Eat Less or enjoy bullets!

Deaf, blind, amputees, accident victims sufferers of , some diseases which we can so duck all about i,e. MS etc they will be fine. With some of the mentioned they want to be positive and be a part of society, and don't like being a burden!

Prople like that slag in Gloucester can jump off the nearest parapet!

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Hi, Please see this wise lady's comments: Coppola Comment: The End of Britain?
We're still in a hole and still digging mind!
Beg to differ, just a little. She is a very good collector of graphs and those she shows on the post in question, provide excellent food for thought. Her interpretations of the said graphs aren't bad, either. Where she fails, lamentably, is in her analysis of what is happening. Moneyweek is, I agree, exercising hyperbole to sell magazines, but she has not produced much reasoned thinking to show what she thinks is going to happen in the future, out in the real world. Moneyweek has been right on a few occasions, and those occasions have been very important ones.

Her grasp of science is poor. "Roll on efficient solar power" she says. Solar power, by itself, is lamentably inefficient in Northern latitudes, and does not work, so I seem to remember, at night. There may be a breakthrough, one day, that gives excellent efficiency in poor light, but her remarks on this subject show wishful thinking. She also says she goes to lunch with FT journos, and I have very serious doubts as to their (FT) independence, their political neutrality and their ability to offer warnings to their readers on the really serious matters. I feel she may be rather too pro carbon-tax, which is merely an excuse for politicians to steal from us.

She also neglects to point out the terrible effects - as posted by Grumblegrunt above - of the ZIRP tendencies of our so-called masters; the likely effects of rising inflation (it doesn't have to rise by much in order to have a very deleterious effect); and the long-term unsustainability of the current deficit. My biggest concern is that I think the politicians will not be able to resist inflating our debts away, to the detriment of savers and loans repayments. I fully appreciate the benefits of inflation on mortgage payments (I remember my father's mortgage payments of £23 on a house now worth £600,000, bought for £2000), but one has to be able to pay the repayments if interest rates rise faster than salaries. Food and energy inflation is not mild and is getting worse; (my father also paid 5sh 6d per GALLON of petrol, and thought it outrageous). There was no fuel tax escalator in those days.

Her post was interesting, but not illuminating.
so its all going to come crashing down?


this financial system has had its day, the spongers at BOTH ends of the scale, the dole bludgers and international bankers, have bled us dry.

we are being asset stripped.

time for a new system.
No doubt it'll just be those of us in the middle who work and pay money that will suffer when it does crash.

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