Please say its not just me.....

Who finds Irish Americans (Bostonians) very annoying and full of it when it omes to their 'take' on a history of a country they've never been to,least of all hold citizenship to!

The amount of cr*p I got last night in the bar was bordering on the ridiculous and unpleasant,retaining a Churchillian-esque posture (cigar in hand) I told them that they must be dissapointed,and could they ask for a refund? refund for what one of them asked? all those weapons you'd paid for I responded.

Chortle chortle :lol:

Oh the joys of working for a multinational...


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I seem to recall that for I&I on Ex Purple Bell-end that certain people were briefed on which bars in Boston not to enter, and that Regi shirts were not to be worn.

Strangely even the smiling offr in his embriodered maroon polo giving the brief pitched at these bars - with every other man and his dog.
I had a very enjoyable evening in the an Roisin Dubh in Boston, the one with the Easter uprising martyrs pictures all around the wall. Some plastic paddy tried to give me a "Brits are bad, Ireland must be free" lecturette but his amour propre collapsed when I asked him who the guys in the photos were. He replied "some IRA martyrs", so I walked him round the walls and gave him potted portraits of them all from Plunkett to MacBride. Collapse of stout party...we then pitched into the Redbreast, Guiness et cetera and I explained that with a wife called Siobhan and a daughter called Roisin I probably knew more about Anglo-Irish hostilities than he could ever hope too. Bezzering followed and we agreed that if we were ever to meet across the barricades, it would be my plastic bullet in his snout and his coffee-jar bomb up my goolies...
It's not surprising really. The septics continually 're-interpret' British history on film, so that section of the populus who get their knowlege only from Hollywood know no better. Reminds me of a story about two English actors; one says he's just been offered a part in an American film. His mate says; 'Oh yes, what as? Butler or villain?'
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