Please read this if youll sign a Paysheet for Remembrance

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. I for one feel uncomfortable with signing a paysheet for Remembrance duties. Its a sombre day and one for reflection but although we should remember the dead its important not to forget the living.

    To stop me feeling guilty I usually donate my days' pay to either the RBL or H4H.

    To make this easy for anyone else to do this I attach links to RBL and H4H.

    Cough up, you tight gits, and get that warm, smug feeling.

    Donate to the Royal British Legion

    Donate to Help for Heroes.
  2. Not really sure why you feel uncomfortable getting paid for Remembrance. Maybe some sort of inferiority complex. I have no such problem. However I do like your idea of donating a days pay to one of the above charities and will make a donation
  3. Piss off, trying to score points.
  4. No am not getting something here, am sure it’s not something that happens in our unit, not that am aware of any way

    The army pay you a days wages to work, and you want to hand that over as well.

    Why do you feel the need ?
  5. Do you wear a Poppy?
  6. Those who just attend the Parade and Sesh don't claim.

    Those who do the GD's etc do, no qualms with that.
  7. As shocking as it is; if we didn't pay people then there would probably be very little attendance.

    I always give my weekends pay to the Legion, but have avoided broaching the subject with others from my place as I'd probably go mental at the responce.

    On the plus side I've found out that there's no drill for me and I'll be in my 2's. Therefore, less chance of me looking like a complete bag o'shite in 95's :D
  8. err there will be some drill involved numbnuts I will breif you saturday about it
  9. Get fucked. You'll be too busy teaching some of your numpties left and right :D

    Once again, the REME to the rescue. :D
  10. I see being a c0ck with fcuk all constructive to say hasn't gone out of fashion (not with you anyway), do you think you have anything anyone would want to hear from you, right, thought it and fcuk off!

    I for one will be donating, even though i'm not out there freezing my aarse off for a good cause due to work commitments.
  11. Seeing to raise money for RBL / H4H is not constructive?

    Grow up, go away you idiot.

    If I'd wanted pointless misguided insults from fuckwits I'd have asked for them.
  12. simple answer thicko dont sign the fecking paysheet
  13. You really are dim.
  14. And donate the whole of £nil to RBL / H4H.

    You call *me* thick...
  15. I would sign on if there was somewhere for me to go to do some rememberancing as a serving TA soldier!

    There isn't anywhere for me to do so, so I'll be at church on Sunday morning in civi suit and medals and as I donate a days pay anyway to my Regimental Benevolent fund I think that's me covered.

    I do agree though, that donating the rememberance days' pay to H4H or RBL is an excellent idea!