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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by error_unknown, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. I want to consolidate and simplify the rules for the Int Corps board and I would welcome any input from participants. Thinking about it, this must be one of very few places anywhere where members of the British 'intelligence community' air their opinions in public and I'm keen that we should be able to continue to do so without compromising operational or personnel security in any way.

    Suggestions either here or via pm would be most welcome.

  2. Well said. It seems to be running well in my opinion.
  3. Veg does home-brewed security audit!

    Having read your post, CP, I went through a rough cross-section of all the posts on this forum role-playing a bad guy wanting to learn more about army intelligence (I wore a shemagh for this, and occasionally chuckled in a sinister fashion).

    I then did a quick websearch to see what open-source information was available re. same. There is more about the crunchy bits of Int Corps work on the MoD and army websites than there is here.

    Won't bore you with the details, but to be honest there's nothing here that strikes me as being too scary or revealing. A bit of office politics, inter-trade rivalry and dry humour but nothing that seems to remotely compromise OPSEC any more than the McWalt SAS bookshelf at Waterstone's. The only thing I discovered was a little bit about the social habits of trainees at Quicksands. Thin gruel, perhaps, but not great OPSEC.

    Just my two pence, but I think this forum runs pretty tightly as it is.


  4. I agree. It's not bad, just a bit of banter and bitching with one or two veiled comments here and there that serve as lockons to those who were there or heard it on the grapevine.
  5. Almost a year on, I wonder how the Int Corps Board has evolved.


    If you could put on your shemagh, once again, would you say the board contains nothing compromising OpSec/PerSec?
  6. Sorry. can someone explain who placed the first post or am I just being dim as usual?

    I can just see someone as "Guest". Am i missing something?
  7. It was probably the original "bowman", who started off as Mod (C) 2002. Perhaps the user account has expired?
  8. Got to agree with Veg. I know i contributed to quoted discussion,but didn't think it was that close to the bone. Mind you its hard to be objective when you have the bit between your teeth. (so to speak). So, will stand corrected.

    Most are well aware of Sy and OP/PERSEC. There are the occasional Bone questions from the uneducated/journos who insist on questions directed against secific units/MO. However. I think the MODS do a grand job.

    I find it a great place to blow a little steam and have exchange some great banter.

  9. I stand to be corrected, but I think it was Spunky using his old pseudonym (Chickenpunk).
  10. I cant really understand what you are actually starting this thread off about so am unable to comment
  11. I think the board is running fine. Unless you mean the promotions board which isn't. (JOKE)
  12. honestly, i'm shocked 1771 :roll:

    personally, as a security bitch (currently), i think this forum needs more padlocks, bigger fences, and a copy of arrse standing orders next to everyone's terminal.

    good to be back! :lol:
  13. Good to see you back, CR.

    Did you take leave of absence to memorise JSP440 and marvel at the inner workings of the Mark IV Manifoil?
  14. ha! i laugh in the face of Mark IV Manifoils, and drop ice cubes down the back of JSP440!

    or something.
  15. I wave my private parts at you, sons of Abloy technicians! I blow off in the general direction of JSP440! Lightweight Secure Room - We already got one!

    (Think the Stella is kicking in!)..............Mother!