Please read if you signed a paysheet for Remembrance Sunday

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. I've often felt a little uneasy in getting paid to attend Remembrance services, viewing this as a duty and a priviledge.

    The thought has occured that it would be appropriate to donate at least some the days' pay to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal so I enclose a link to their "how to donate" page.

    Could I suggest 50% of your daily rate as a starter?

    RBL Poppy Appeal
  2. may i say I have never agreed with signing the drill sheet for rememberance weekend, however I think your sugestion is a splendid idea, remember you can donate the days pay to Erskine hospital or any of the other fine ex service peoples homes or charities as you state at any time, i just think it should be a mandatory give
  3. Do you not HAVE to sign in to be covered by insurance? I know we used to get told that when I was TA.
  4. That is correct
  5. Yep. You also HAVE to get paid, you can't do it on a voluntary basis and just sign in to say that you're there, otherwise, again, you arn't covered by insurance.

  6. What about C1?
  7. While I agree with your sentiment, and also agree that you could probably negotiate C1 duties and thus avoid getting paid, who are you helping?

    All you are doing is saving the MOD a few quid - take the money and give it (all, if you like) to the RBL. Then the money is going where your sense of duty would direct it, rather than staying in Glasgow's coffers.

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    What, exactly like B_B suggested in the post which started this thread?
  9. I've always tended to give my days pay to RBL, but would be great to see as many others as possible handing over some or all of their MTD pay
  10. Bravo_Bravo,
    Whilt it was not compulsory I didn't know anyone who didn't "opt in".

    Regular RGJ (and I suspect now Rifles) used to have 1 days pay per annum deducted and paid directly to the Riflemans Aid Society. I really can't recall whether 4/5 RGJ did the same, but I am sure that it could be done and would be a worthwhile thing to bring up with your RSM or Adjutant.

    Doing it that way as gift aid means that RAS gets the tax as well, so better than just putting the money you get paid in the tin.

    Just a thought.
  11. I'm not aware of anything being paid to the RAS as a matter of course, worthy a cause as it is.

    I put the RBL in as its services-wide.

    Had a problem paying via the link but they take credit card by phone.

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    LI was similar, you Joined the association at Shrewsbury depot and 1 days pay was donated. Only once but it helps with the Regimental support fund (I cant remember the proper name) that bought 94 his electric cripple cart!
  13. Go on, say you've done a bit and make people cough up out of guilt!
  14. Completely disagree, though understand the sentiment.

    If you want to go as a private individual, the so be it. It you wear the Queen's uniform, then you are not there as a private individual, you are on duty on behalf of the nation and will be paid as such. What you choose to do with the pay is, of course, up to you and if you choose to Gift Aid it to the RBL, then I salute you.
  15. Yes, but without the guilt he implied suffering from having been paid to turn up in uniform on remembrance sunday.